What Elon Musk should build next: The Tesla Autorickshaw!

By CarToq Editor

Elon Musk left the automobile world gaping last week, when he unveiled the CyberTruck, an electric pick up truck that seems straight out of console games. The shock and awe approach has clearly worked, with Tesla receiving over 250,000 orders for the totally wild electric pick truck. Now that Musk has nearly achieved what he set out to do with the CyberTruck, he should shift focus to India instead, and build us the Tesla Autorickshaw. And we even got our ace rendering artist Vipin Vathoopan to come up with a design that Mr. Musk may consider.

Just like the CyberTruck, the Tesla Autorickshaw seems battle-ready, and ready to simply push two wheelers out the way. Yet, it’s nimble enough to be squeeze into the slightest gaps that spring up on city streets. Drag coefficient? Better than the CyberTruck!

Wait, rickshaw?

The auto-rickshaw is a three wheeled taxi that’s kind of a cross between a scooter and a car. It’s used by commuters across most Indian cities. Its drivers are notorious for their driving skills, and don’t you dare messing around with one. Now, imagine the kind of havoc a Tesla Autorickshaw can cause on Indian roads, with its steel alloy body that can ever tire out sledge hammers.


To stay faithful to the original, we have even given the Cyber TukTuk broken windows, as you can see in the pictures above and below.


So, what should the Tesla auto-rickshaw pack in? Here’s our wish list.

And we could go on, and on, but we’re sure that Elon Musk will let his imagination soar, and add more such thoughtful features. On a serious note, the Indian government is considering extending an invite to Tesla to come in and set shop here. Tesla is already in China, with one of its massive Gigafactories. So, coming to India and solving complex transportation challenges while terrifying the population of this vast country could be its next big bet. Who knows, the Tesla Autorickshaw may just become real.

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