Snake Venom Case Accused Elvish Yadav Does NOT Own Sportscars, Flat: Parents On Video

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While influencer Elvish Yadav’s lavish lifestyle has played a big part in him achieving more followers on social media, it could well turn out that his entire persona built on social media is fake. Well, that’s what his parents have asserted, in a recent interview, by claiming that Elvish Yadav does not own sportscars or even the expensive duplex flats that everyone were made to believe he does. Elvish Yadav was arrested this week on charges of arranging snake venom at a rave party last year.

While Elvish Yadav has posed with many sportscars including a Porsche 718 Boxster and a Mercedes Benz E53 AMG Cabriolet, claiming them to be his, it turns out that he doesn’t own any of them.  In the AajTak video interview with Elvish’s parents, father Ram Avtar – a government school teacher – and mother Susma – a homemaker, claim just that.

In the interview, which is said to be arranged by the parents to assert their son’s innocence, the father reveals that the family owns only two cars – a Maruti Suzuki WagonR that he uses, and a Toyota Fortuner, which has been seen with Elvish Yadav. Notably, both the cars are ‘on loan’ says the father.

Snake Venom Case Accused Elvish Yadav Does NOT Own Sportscars, Flat: Parents On Video
Elvish Yadav posing with a Porsche 718 that his father claims is not his!

When questioned about the high-end Porsche 718 Boxster and Mercedes Benz E53 AMG cabriolet sportscars that Elvish Yadav claimed to own, the father says that both cars were borrowed by Elvish Yadav to shoot videos and showcase his lifestyle with them. He added that these cars were returned to their rightful owners after the shoot concluded.

Here’s a video posted by Elvish Yadav, where he claims to take delivery of the Porsche Boxster,

When the anchor repeatedly questions him about the luxury cars owned by Elvish Yadav, the father says that the Fortuner is now owned by nearly everyone, and that it cannot really be considered a luxury car. He also adds that the duplex flats that Elvish Yadav is said to own is again not his, and is a prop to showcase an affluent lifestyle.

The father says that he has only plot of land, upon which a house is now being constructed. He adds that the plot given to him was awarded by the government, upon exchange of land (which is likely to be agricultural land).

Here’s another video of Elvish Yadav hitting very illegal speeds on public roads in ‘his Mercedes E53 AMG’ 

When the anchor presses on about who finances Elvish’s lavish lifestyle, the father says that he is a government school teacher drawing a salary that runs his house, and that Elvish’s source of earnings is from the jackets he sells under his own brand name, and from social media including vlogs.

Social media influencer and Big Boss winner Elvish Yadav is not new to controversies. He’s currently embroiled in a serious case that could see him in prison for 20 years. Yadav have been accused of supplying snake venom to rave parties, and is currently arrested by the Noida police.

Elvish Yadav’s Mercedes Vs Lamborghini Illegal Drag Race On Public Roads

He is likely to be tried under various sections of the stringent Narcotics Drugs And Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) and the Wildlife Protection Acts. Elvish Yadav’s most recent brush with controversy was when he, along with a bunch of his followers, assaulted another Youtuber Maxtern.

Soon after this, the Noida police took Yadav into custody for the snake venom case. Two more associates of Elvish Yadav were also arrested recently. The Noida police even claims that Yadav has confessed to supplying snake venom to rave parties.

Our take

Snake Venom Case Accused Elvish Yadav Does NOT Own Sportscars, Flat: Parents On Video

Social media influencers, world over, used rented automobiles, homes and even gadgets, to promote a specific kind of lifestyle that resonates with their audience, and bring them new followers. Also, controversies are generally good for social media influencers, and it only serves to increasing their following in most cases. Elvish Yadav though, may have pushed the envelope too far, as he finds himself in police custody for multiple serious offences that could see him in jail for a long time.