EMERGENCY exits in Indian cars: Honda WR-V to Maruti Swift [Video]

Modern cars have many hidden features that are ignored by many. One such feature is an emergency exit in the vehicle that can be used in various situations like central locking malfunctioning or an accident. Here are three Indian cars and videos on how to reach the tailgate and open it from inside during emergency situations. Remember, a manual has all the information and one should read the manual thoroughly to understand the vehicle better. These emergency exits are common in many cars available in India including some sedans.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo hatchback is known for its German build quality. The Polo is also quite popular for its handling capabilities. Being a European car, the Polo gets many sophisticated features like automatic hazard lights on under heavy braking, opening and closing of all the four windows from the key and so on. The car also offers a knob on the tailgate that can be used to open the door from inside and escape the car.

To access the rear hatch, one needs to remove the rear seat first by pulling it up. It has a locking mechanism and pulling it up will unlock the bench seat. One can then keep the bench aside and fold the backrests completely by pulling a knob on the shoulder of the seat. Always remember to retract the headrests before folding the backrest, else it will get in the way and it will be difficult to fold down the seat completely.

Once the seat is folded completely, one can access the rear hatch door of the vehicle. As shown in the video, there is a small tract that can be accessed by the key or any sharp object. There is a small switch inside the opening that has to be pushed towards the left and the lock on the rear hatch opens and a simple push will open the door. Now, one has to remove the parcel tray to get free access through the hatch.

Honda WR-V

Honda WR-V has become quite famous in the Indian market. The most popular RV model in India gets a long list of features including the sunroof. The WR-V also gets an emergency boot opening feature that can release the tailgate from inside the vehicle. To access the tailgate, one should first fold down the rear backrests by pulling both the levers placed on the extreme corners of the backrest. Once the backrest is folded, the tailgate can be accessed easily.

There is a small lever in the tailgate that can be accessed with a sharp object like a pen. One needs to first remove the white cover from the lever and then use the tip of the sharp object to push the lock to the right. It releases the tailgate and a mere push opens the door completely. One can simply slip under the parcel tray or remove it to get out of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

One of the best selling cars in the Indian market also gets the emergency boot exit feature. The Maruti Swift shown here is from the last generation but the lever should be present in the current version of the car too. To access the rear hatch door, one needs to fold down the seats by pulling the straps on the backrest’s shoulder. Once the seat is folded down, the metallic locking mechanism is exposed. One can easily pull the metal lever and open the rear door to get down from the car. It is a rather simple mechanism in the Maruti Suzuki Swift.