Emergency starting technique when your car’s self start fails [Video]

Starting a car with a dead battery or kaput starter engine always requires more than one person to take different roles of pushing the vehicle and operating the clutch. But what if you’re stuck in a place where there is no help or you’re stuck in a basement without enough space to push start your car? Here are a few videos that claim that manual cars can be started in such a situation by a single person. How? Well, read on.

As per the videos shared on YouTube, all you need to start a car with a dead battery is a rope and a jack lift. The first video gives an example of Renault Kwid, which is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and the second video show a TUV300, which is a rear-wheel-driven vehicle. This is something that can be used when there is no help around, which is a rare occurrence in India.

The video claims that after identifying the vehicle’s live axle (front or rear), you need to lift the wheel by a few inches off the ground. Once the tyre comes up, the car was put in first gear and a rope is tied around the tyre, which is in air. The key is in the start position and the person quickly pulls the rope, which starts the car. It should be noted that moving the wheel when the transmission is in gear is really difficult and requires a lot of power. We are not sure how this worked exactly. The second video shows a Mahindra TUV300 being started in a similar fashion.

Technically, pulling the rope will simulate the vehicle’s movement on the road just like push-start and will start the engine. There are a few videos that show massive trucks getting started in a similar fashion. Since trucks are very heavy, push-starting them will require a lot of manpower. This video shows the person using a similar technique with rope to start the truck.

Should you do it?

Emergency starting technique when your car’s self start fails [Video]

This is not a tried and tested method so we cannot say if this will work with your car. Also, pulling the rope may cause disbalance and the vehicle may fall down off the jack. The best way to start a manual car with a dead battery or faulty starter motor is to either push start it or by using jumping cables and a charged battery. Keep this method as a last resort if you ever get stuck somewhere so remote that there’s no one to you and it is a rare occurrence in India. Also, always choose roadside assistance to be worry-free during your long drives.

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