Kids Restore And Gift Dad His First Bike – Kawasaki 4S Champion: Dad Gets Emotional [Video]

emotional dad kawasaki 4s champion

Every family has that one vehicle that was with them through all the thick and thin moments of life. However, due to their age, they get neglected and are left on the side. Now, most of the time such vehicles get sold to scrap metal dealers. However, some people understand the importance of these vehicles and get them restored. Recently, one such person got his father’s old Kawasaki motorcycle fully restored and gifted it back to him. After seeing his first motorcycle returned to its former glory, the father became extremely emotional.

Father’s first bike fully restored and gifted

This heartwarming video of the family gifting their father his first motorcycle after restoration has been shared on Instagram by Sonali Vekariya. It starts with a few pictures of an old Kawasaki 4S Champion. The bike was seen in a very dilapidated condition with rust all over and parts missing.

Kids Restore And Gift Dad His First Bike – Kawasaki 4S Champion: Dad Gets Emotional [Video]

The video then mentions that this was the first bike that their father owned. It also stated that this bike was also the one on which they first sat and went to school and lived their childhood. After this brief introduction, the video then shows the bike completely restored to its original condition.

This bike was then presented to their father who, upon seeing it, became extremely emotional. He was seen cherishing this bike and the moment. After some time, the father sat on the bike and, along with him, their mother also sat on it. The video also showed their father posing with his fully restored Kawasaki 4S Champion.

Kawasaki 4S Champion restoration

The pictures of this bike completely restored have also been shared on Instagram. These before and after pictures of the bike have come courtesy of Yogin Chhabria, who owns a company that restores such classic bikes to their former glories.

As for this particular Kawasaki 4S Champion’s restoration, it can be noted from the before pictures that its entire headlight assembly was broken, its exhaust was rusted. Along with these, the spoked wheels were also rusted and the paint was completely faded as well. Following its restoration, the entire bike was then seen in brand-new condition.

Kids Restore And Gift Dad His First Bike – Kawasaki 4S Champion: Dad Gets Emotional [Video]

Kawasaki 4S Champion

For those who may not be aware, the Kawasaki 4S Champion was a popular motorcycle in India during the 1990s. It gained its fame for the reliability, efficiency, and affordability that it provided to buyers at the time. It was manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, in collaboration with Bajaj Auto in India.

The motorcycle targeted the Indian middle-class consumer base. These buyers, who were looking for an economical yet reliable commuting option, found it very pleasing. It had a simple yet robust tubular frame and was relatively lightweight, which made it easy to handle in city traffic.

Kids Restore And Gift Dad His First Bike – Kawasaki 4S Champion: Dad Gets Emotional [Video]

The Kawasaki 4S Champion came powered by a single-cylinder, 100cc, four-stroke engine. This tiny engine produced around 7.7 bhp, which was modest but adequate for daily commuting needs. This air-cooled engine delivered a mileage of around 70-80 km per liter.

It came mated with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Braking duties were handled by drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. As for suspension, it came with telescopic front forks and a twin shock absorber setup at the rear.