Endeavour 3.2 owner buys Maruti Jimny: Reviews it after 1000 kms [Video]

The newest lifestyle off-roader, Maruti Suzuki Jimny, has just been launched, and people have now started receiving them from dealerships after a significant waiting period. As of yet, not many Jimnys are out there, and that is why there aren’t many actual owner reviews. However, recently, a small review from the owner of the first Maruti Suzuki Jimny in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh has been shared on YouTube. The owner of this particular Jimny also owns a Ford Endeavour, and he gave his honest opinions on the performance and build quality of the Jimny in comparison to his Endeavour and Jimny’s direct rival, Mahindra Thar.

The video review of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny after 1000 km has been shared on YouTube by Kirat Dhillon on their channel. The presenter starts off the video by introducing the bluish-black Jimny and its owner. He states that the owner recently took delivery of this Jimny 10 days ago, and in the short span of time, he has already driven this vehicle for 1000 km.

He then asks for his overview of the car after driving it. To this, the owner replies that he is fully satisfied with the car and thinks that it is an extremely well-built purposeful car. He added that the only downside he can point out is that the car comes equipped with very small tires, so he switched them with bigger all-terrain tires. Apart from this, he added that the Jimny should not be compared with the Mahindra Thar because both are completely different products.

Moving on, the presenter then asks the owner if he has used the SUV for off-road driving, to which the owner replies that indeed he has driven the Jimny in off-road conditions and can state that the performance is very good because the car’s weight is very low, allowing it to tackle any terrain with ease. The presenter asked the owner about his off-roading experience in comparison to his Ford Endeavour, to which he replied that it is amazing. He added that, in comparison to the Endeavour, it has a much easier method of engaging the off-road modes. While saying this, the owner and the presenter then step inside the car, and the owner shows him the operations of the 4X4 lever.

Endeavour 3.2 owner buys Maruti Jimny: Reviews it after 1000 kms [Video]

After this, the owner of the Jimny takes the presenter for a short spin in the Jimny. The owner of the car states that the interior of the Jimny is very well put together, and despite him being 6.3 feet tall, he can easily sit inside without any problems. Moving on, the owner and presenter also discuss the engine, noting that it is extremely silent. The owner adds that there is minimal noise from the engine of the Jimny, and it feels extremely refined, with no sense that the car is underpowered. The owner once again emphasizes that the Jimny should not be compared to the Mahindra Thar, as both are different vehicles and products.

During the drive, the owner also mentions that he paid around Rs 17.5 lakh on-road for his Jimny automatic variant and believes that, for the price, there is no better SUV on the market as of now. He added that, in international markets, the Jimny retails for around Rs 30 lakh on average, and that too for the three-door variant, so considering this, the car is priced very competitively in India. The owner and presenter further discuss the practicality aspect of the SUV and state that the Jimny, with its five-door layout, is one of the most practical lifestyle off-roaders currently available in the market.

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