Enforcement Directorate seizes Audi Q5 of conman Golden Baba [Video]

The number of scammers in India is on a steep rise, and there is not a day that goes by when we do not hear about someone or a group of people being scammed. The aim of these scammers is to gain vast amounts of wealth to create a lavish lifestyle. One of the most common things that they buy with this ill-gained wealth is a luxury car or multiple luxury cars. Recently, one such scammer had his luxury car seized by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) from Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) managed to seize a white Audi Q5 luxury SUV that belongs to the conman Jyoti Ranjan Beura, who is more commonly known as Golden Baba, from Bhubaneswar. According to reports, the ED seized the Audi Q5, which was discovered in the CRPF area of the state capital. A video of the car being taken to the ED headquarters has also surfaced online.

In the video, it can be noted that the car is an older generation model of the Audi luxury SUV Q5. This particular car owned by the scammer also boasted a VIP number plate. Two ED officers can be seen driving the car from the place it was seized to the organization’s headquarters in Bhubaneswar. It has also been revealed that the scammer bought this car from the used car market.

It has been reported that the fraudster, who has been evading arrest since being freed on bail almost three years ago, was being pursued by the ED, which is currently looking into Beura’s financial transactions. The scammer is a seasoned conman and had already been detained in relation to a massive fraud case. On December 31, 2018, the Commissionerate Police in Bhubaneswar detained him for allegedly defrauding a citizen of the Keonjhar district. He was subsequently released on bail and has been missing ever since.

Enforcement Directorate seizes Audi Q5 of conman Golden Baba [Video]

Further background information on Ranjan Beura, aka Golden Baba, revealed that he had stolen money from a number of organizations under the pretext of authorizing loans from finance companies. Prior to this investigation, two of his financial frauds totaling Rs 12.04 crore and Rs 4.05 crore, respectively, were looked at by the Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of the Odisha Crime Branch. He allegedly promised to have a loan of Rs 110 crore approved in exchange for 12 checks worth Rs 12.04 crore from a mining company.

It has also been reported that the Golden Baba’s home was raided by the EOW, and the documents seized there showed that he had signed an agreement to use forged documents to provide financial support totaling Rs 200 crore to a private hospital in Thane, Mumbai, Rs 300 crore to the Engineering Construction Ltd in Hyderabad, and Rs 50 crore to the JK Medical System in Bhubaneswar. Furthermore, the conman had a contract with four to five firms for which he had received Rs 100 crore in post-dated checks. Additionally, the EOW froze his seven bank accounts with 51 lakh rupees in deposits, and a locker containing nearly 1.5 kg of gold has also been seized from the scammer.

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