Hardcore enthusiast BMW with massive mods at just Rs 8 lakh!

The used car market in India has expanded by a great deal in the past few years. There are all kinds of vehicles available in the used car market including heavily modified versions of the car. Since the depreciation factor is quite high in the market, there are numerous cars available that are going for extremely cheap prices. Here is a BMW E90 325i, which gets some serious modifications with the price lower than a brand new Maruti Suzuki Dzire.

Bmw 325i 4

The BMW 325i seen here is a 2007 model and owned by an enthusiast who has done some classy modification on the car. The BMW 325i has always been an enthusiasts delight, however, the modification on the car makes it an even better choice for the buyers who are looking for a high-performance, classy looking E90. The car gets accessories and modifications done to it that cost more than Rs 10 lakh, according to the post on Nummer EINS Autotechnik Pvt Ltd. However, the asking price is only Rs 8 lakh and as per the post, it is non-negotiable.

Bmw 325i 2

According to the post, the BMW 325i seen in the video gets OEM kit from Navneet Motors, Bengaluru. The kit includes a steering wheel, original carbon fibre trunk hood and headlamp eyelids. The interior has been updated with red leather and the cabin now looks exotic.

Bmw 325i 3

Other modifications done on the BMW 325i include Bilstein B14 suspension, 18-inch wheel, aftermarket headlamp, K&N air filter, NGK Spark plus, custom exhaust system that makes cracking noise, and the air intake system from the BMW 330i. The vehicle also gets a remap from Pete’s but the exact output of the vehicle is not known.

The carbon fibre trunk and hood save the weight of the car and increase the overall performance, this costs Rs 1.3 lakh. The Bilstein suspension costs Rs 1.3 lakh while the full OEM kit from the manufacturer is priced at Rs 2.75 lakh. The post also mentions that car received a major service just 1,400 km back and the cost of service came out to be around Rs 1.5 lakhs. The car’s service history is also available. Other new parts in the car include a new power steering pump, new fuel injectors and a new AC compressor. The amount of work that has gone into the car is extremely classy. It looks like a sleeper but can outrun most of the cars on the roads.

Bmw 325i 1

The car is located in Kerala but as per the post, it can be sent to any destination in India on a flatbed. The used car also comes 2 original keys and is owned by a single owner till now.

In stock form, the BMW 325i is powered by a 2.5-litre 6-cylinder, an inline engine that produces a maximum power of 215 Bhp and peak torque of 246 Nm. With the Pete’s remapping, the engine must be producing around 300 Bhp.