Epic FAIL: When the Toyota Innova Crysta tries to become a Fortuner

SUVs are SUVs for a reason. They have, One – 4X4 transfer cases, which allows them to go to places where normal cars don’t. Two – They also have hefty ground clearances, tall approach, departure and break over angles, which helps them clear obstacles that other cars can’t. Now, when an Innova Crysta tries to become big brother Fortuner, this is what happens.

What we’re seeing here is an Innova Crysta trying to drive down a steep set of stairs somewhere in Kerala. Despite the elderly driver of the MPV trying to gingerly maneuver the car down the stairs, it gets stuck, very stuck.

Apparently, the driver mistook the stairs for a ramp, and ended up in trouble. So, why’s the Innova Crysta stuck at a place that many other SUVs would have cleared comfortably? The answer: Approach angle, and a long front overhang.  The Crysta is an MPV, designed to be driven on-road, and only on-road. It’s got a long wheelbase that’s meant to accommodate no less than seven passengers comfortably. It also has a long front overhang, with a massive bumper that sits low.

Epic FAIL: When the Toyota Innova Crysta tries to become a Fortuner

While Toyota doesn’t reveal approach, departure and break-over angles for the Innova, it’s easy to see that it’s lesser than that of the new Fortuner, which has a ground clearance of 225 mm, and approach, departure and break-over angles of 30 degrees, 25 degrees and 23.5 degrees respectively. The long bumper of the Innova also reduces its approach angle, which means that it can clear regular speed breakers, and even steep entry and exit ramps, it can’t take on larger obstacles. The Innova’s decent ground clearance of 174 mm allows it to handle rough roads comfortably. But that’s pretty much the limit of the Innova Crysta’s capabilities.

Via 4X4India on Facebook