India’s first Maruti Ertiga with electric tailgate [Video]

Automobile modification culture is not quite popular in India, especially because of the laws. While modified vehicles are rare to spot on the roads, a well-modified car is even rarer. MPVs like Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Innova are not common in the modification circuit. That’s why this Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, which is the latest-generation model is the first modified Maruti Ertiga with an electric tailgate. The modifications are practical and very useful too.

The video has been put up by VIG Auto accessories who has also modified this vehicle but until you see the vehicle carefully, you will notice them from outside. First of the lot are the projector lamps, the Ertiga now gets HID projector lamps that make it look extremely sporty and premium. The HID headlamps are 5000K cool lights. It even gets additional LED DRL installed on the fog lamp housings and they do look great. The biggest change in this Ertiga is the electrically-operated tailgate. It is not available in any of the cars in the segment, which makes it the first Ertiga in India to get it.

There are about 10 carbon fibre pieces installed in the car worth Rs 12,000. On the outside, you can see carbon fibre finish on the wing mirrors and door handles. To give it a muscular look, the modder has even installed body-coloured kit which adds a wide look to the MPV. At the rear, quad faux exhausts have been installed to add a sporty look.

There are changes done to the cabin too. The Ertiga does no gets ambient lighting in stock form, which has now been installed by the modder. Also, the vehicle gets leatherette seats that make the cabin extremely comfortable and add a premium feel to it. The infotainment system has been updated and it now plays videos on the move too. Watching videos while driving is something we really do not recommend as it is highly destructive. This is a humble S-CNG version of the Ertiga, which ensures highly fuel-efficient ownership.

Other than that, there are a few additional changes like aftermarket wheel covers, steering with carbon fibre finish, lower window garnish, matrix pillar lamps at the rear, matrix turn indicators. There are also roof rails and roof carrier installed. However, it should be noted that roof carriers are not allowed in private vehicles in India and if you’re installing it, the registration certificate should mention the same.

India’s first Maruti Ertiga with electric tailgate [Video]

The total cost of this modification job turns out to be around Rs 1.65 lakh. It is not known if the labour charges are included in this price. You can contact the garage directly for more details.

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