Escape BIG fine by paying just Rs. 100 if caught without documents: Here’s how

While you will have to pay the fine amount entirely if you do not have the documents in place, you can escape the hefty fines if you have the documents but have forgotten them at your home. Motorists who get caught without a registration certificate, driving license, insurance policy and other important documents like PUC can now escape it by paying Rs 100. News 18 reports that the motorists without documents can get a court challan issued at the spot and pay Rs 100. The rule, which is not known by many allows motorists without documents to get the necessary documents from home or any other place and show it in the court.

Escape BIG fine by paying just Rs. 100 if caught without documents: Here’s how
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However, this has to be done within 15 days of the issuance of the original fine. Also, one cannot go to the home and come back with the documents to show the cops. They will have to show the mandatory documents in the court. So if you have all the papers in place, you will not have to pay the hefty fines and show the documents to the court instead. The original challan will also be forfeited once the proper documents are produced in the court.

This is only applicable to the motorists who have forgotten their vehicle’s documents at home. All other motorists flouting norms like not wearing a seatbelt, not wearing a helmet, crossing the stop line, jumping the signal, parking at the wrong spot, speeding, dangerous driving and all other such kinds of illegal activities will have to pay the fine amount in full. It should be noted that the policemen present on the duty now do not collect the fines. Instead, the fines have to submit at a local authority or a local court.

The new MV Act (Amendment), which was enforced in almost all states and Union Territories of India has created an uproar among the citizen. Several extremely high fine amounts have been issued by the cops of different states already. A few truck owners have been issued a fine close to Rs 1 lakh and recently the highest fine was issued to an overloaded truck for Rs 1.41 lakh.

While many commuters complain that the new fines are much much expensive than the value of their vehicle, many others agree with the new MV Act and say that it will work towards the betterment of the society. While cops from various states have now started enforcing the fine strictly, the road users have also started making videos of the politicians and policemen flouting the norms.

Gujarat has reduced the fine for triple riding on a motorcycle by 90% while the mandatory helmet for the pillion rider rule has also been removed. Many other states like Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab and Rajasthan have not implemented the new MV Act yet. All the state governments who have not introduced the new fines have said that the new rules are extremely harsh and an increase in the fine amount will be used to harass the public.

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