European driver does water glass test on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway [Video]

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is the longest highway in the country and the first phase of this expressway was recently inaugurated of February 12, 2023 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The work of this highway is not complete and the project is expected to be completed by 2024. In the first phase, the 246 km stretch from Delhi to Jaipur in Rajasthan has been opened. Ever since the road has opened, we have been seeing videos related to the same online. Here we have one such video from a European driver who tested the smoothness of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway by doing the popular water glass test.

The video has been uploaded by India In Details on their YouTube channel. In this video, Karolina Goswami who is a European citizen is driving a car through the newly opened Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. She talks about many things that she noticed and liked about the new highway in this video. Along with that she also compares expressways in India with the ones that she has seen in Europe and USA. Karolina mentions that she has driven in many European countries and USA as part of her job and she has also done a 20,000 km road trip in India too.

She mentions that in this test she will be checking the smoothness of the roads in India using a method that has lately become very popular in India. It is called the water bottle test or water glass test. In this test, a bottle or a glass filled with water is kept on the dashboard of a car to check how vigorously the water moves around. If the road is smooth, the movement should be less and if the road is uneven, the movement will be more.

European driver does water glass test on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway [Video]

She conducted the same test on European roads as well as in India. First she shows how a glass of water moved on an Expressway in Europe. She can be heard saying in the video that the road was pretty smooth and people would actually enjoy driving on such roads however, the water kept in the glass was moving around too much. After that she shifted to the glass of water that is kept on the dashboard of her car in India. The expressway felt very smooth and the movement of water inside the glass was also less when compared to the one in Europe.

Karolina can be heard saying in the video that she is actually impressed by the rate of speed at which the Indian government is building such massive and long highways. She also mentions that the FasTags are much more convenient and they are also cheap when compared to the ones in Europe. She was also impressed with highway amenities, open gym and play areas for children on the highway. Coming back to the test, she mentions that the road is definitely smooth however, this is not a scientific test and it does not prove anything. There are many more factors that affect the movement of water inside the glass in a moving car. For example, the speed at which the car is being driven, suspension, and also engine refinement. A smooth road surface is only one of the factors in this.