Even Justin Bieber is scared he would scrape his Lambo: Here’s video proof

We all know how a small scratch on our beloved vehicles can be soul crushing. And if it is a supercar, one has to be super careful too. Here’s a video of the youth icon, Justin Beiber driving his new Lamborghini Aventador and being very careful about it.

Justin Beiber got the delivery of his new Lamborghini Aventador earlier this year. The video on YouTube shows how careful Justin is being while reversing his vehicle on a driveway. The singer can be seen making a strategy to make an exit route for his Lamborghini with the security guards present at the spot. Justin is assisted by two people present on the spot to reverse his vehicle into an empty parking slot and then making multiple efforts to get out of the gate of the driveway. Justin can be seen reversing and driving the Lamborghini multiple times on the driveway before finally taking off in his vehicle. The whole time he was being assisted by the people present at the spot.

It can be seen in the camera that there is a lot of empty space on either side of the vehicle but Justin being super careful looks apprehensive about the move. Justin Beiber is not new to supercars. He first drove a Lamborghini when he turned 16. P. Diddy, who promised Justin that he will get to drive his white Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder when he reaches the right age and he did drive the vehicle when he turned 16.

Justin also owns a Ferrari 458 Italia, which he uses most of the time. He had once offended the cops of the Los Angeles for the flashy display in his Ferrari in public roads, after which he apologised for his act.

Supercars’ low visibility is a problem

Supercars are often designed while keeping aerodynamics and looks of the vehicle as a priority. They do not have the best view of roads because of multiple reasons that include low height, rear mounted engines and more. Driving a supercar needs extreme attention from the driver of the vehicle.

Also, the Lamborghini Aventador is one of the widest supercars in the world. The car is 2,265 mm wide, which is almost as wide as a full-size bus. Navigating such a wide, powerful car can be a challenge. Maybe in the future, we will see Justin taking quicker reverse turns without the help of anyone.