Everyone’s failing driving tests in Delhi: What’s going on?

Getting a driving license in India used to be one of the easiest tasks in the past. Applicants who even did not know how to drive could receive a driving license in the past after bribing the test invigilator who took the test. However, driving tests in the national capital of the country – Delhi has become automatic. The first such automatic driving test centre was opened in Mayur Vihar Phase-I earlier this year while other test centres in Burari and Sarjmal Vihar have also become operational. Since these centres are completely automatic, Delhites are having a tough time to pass the new automatic tests.

As per a report on HT, Delhi citizen applying for the driving license have seen a sharp rise in the number of the applicant failing in the test. The test is conducted before issuing the permanent driving license. The report adds that at least 48.9% of the applicants have failed at the Mayur Vihar, Surajmal Vihar and Buraru test centres where the automatic testing was introduced in March. Before the introduction of these automatic tests, only 16.2% of the applicants failed to get a permanent driving license.

The new automated centres are maintained by Maruti Suzuki – the largest car manufacturer in India. The tests done here are completely computerised and the centres use an array of sensors and high-resolution cameras to track the applicants. There are 24 various parameters that test the applicants based on the readings from the sensors and the cameras. This ensures a fair test with dependable results every time an applicant gives a test.

Also, the test tracks have different patterns that ensure that a failed applicant does not get the same track the next time he or she goes for the test. There are 10 different track patterns and the applicants who drive or ride inside the track without going outside the marked lines clear the test. There is a time limit to each of the tests and the applicants have to finish the test within the time.

Driving Test

The automatic testing ensures that every applicant is tested for 20 essential driving skills that are listed by Central Motor Vehicles Rules as explained in the video by Motown India. The test centres are designed in a way that no one can cheat or send a professional driver to attend the test instead. The test centres also record the biometrics and then issue unique RFID tags that can be used to enter the test tracks. Some of the skills that are tested by the test tracks are Reverse S, Formation 8, Overtake, Traffic Junction, Parallel Parking and Gradient driving. Failing the test requires applicants to go back to their driving schools and sharpen their skills before they can re-apply for the test.

Notably, the Burari test centre, which became operational on June 26 saw nearly 73% of the applicants failing. The Mayur Vihar test centre saw a failure rate of 52% till June 30. In the coming times, all the manual testing centres in Delhi will be converted into similar automatic centres, which will ensure a common result from all the centres across Delhi.