Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

India has always loved SUVs. The macho looks, the street presence, intimidating other road users to give you way, these all are the reasons why people like SUVs. Lets run you through the evolution of the fastest SUVs.

Tata Safari

Top speed: 143.4 kmph

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

We are starting this journey with the Tata Safari. When it was launched in 1998, it was the first proper SUV that was available to the masses. At the time of launcbhp h, there was only a 2.0 liter diesel on offer. The engine produced 90 Bhp & 187 Nm. Yes, this isn’t a lot, but when it was launched, there wasn’t any other option available. It had both 2 wheel drive & 4 wheel drive options. The vehicle had a top speed of 143.4 kmph.

Mahindra Scorpio Rev116

Top speed: 148 kmph

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

This brings us to our next contender, the Scorpio. When it was launched in 2002, it was a cheaper alternative to the Safari. Finally people had the choice now. The Scorpio was launched with two engine options, a diesel and a petrol. The diesel was the 2.6 liter & the petrol was a Renault sourced 2.0 liter engine making 116 Bhp & 187 Nm. It is this engine that brought the Scorpio ahead of the Safari with a top speed of 148 kmph.

Tata Safari Petrol

Top speed: 159 kmph

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

Tata realized that there was a chink in their armor when Mahindra launched a petrol version since the Safari was only available in diesel. But come 2003, this changed. Tata decided that they did not want to be left behind and launched a petrol version of the Safari.

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

The engine in question was a 2.1 liter unit making 135 Bhp & 195 Nm. This engine had more torque than its diesel counterpart, which is a big thing. The engine made the car reach a top speed of 159 kmph, a figure that took a lot of time to beat.

Mahindra XUV500

Top speed: 178 kmph

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

The record set by the Safari petrol took nearly a decade to beat. As they say, history repeats itself. The battle between the two Indian giants continues. Mahindra launched the XUV in 2011 and it was a really quick car. Powering it is a 2.2 liter mHawk engine making 140 Bhp & 330 Nm. The XUV managed a top speed of 178 kmph. Though people have reportedly done more speeds on it, we shall stick to the Vbox readings courtesy Autocar India

Renault Duster

Top speed: 184 kmph

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

This car started the compact SUV craze in India. The car had great demand since its launch in 2012 & waiting periods sky rocketed. Powering the Duster is a choice of either a petrol or diesel engine. The 1.5 liter diesel is available in two states of tune. The one we are talking about is obviously the higher state of tune at 108.5 Bhp & 248 Nm. It had a top speed of 184 kmph

Hyundai Creta

Top speed: 188 kmph

Evolution of the fastest SUVs of India

This brings us to the last car on the list, the Creta. The Creta currently is one of those compact SUVs that has established itself as a good product. The large drivetrain options on offer and the wide variety of features made the car a hit. The Creta has multiple engines on offer. The one we are interested in is the 1.6 liter CRDi unit which has been carried forward from Verna. The engine produces 126 Bhp & 260 Nm. The car is very quick and not surprisingly, has the largest top speed of 188 kmph right now.

We can’t wait to see who beats the Creta.

*All figures courtesy Autocar India.

*Image of Safari petrol courtesy Overdrive India 2003