EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

Royal Enfield is working on a lot of future launches for the Indian market. They plan to introduce 28 new motorcycles over the next 7 years. Now, we do have some exclusive information about the 6 upcoming motorcycles that will be launched by the Chennai-based manufacturer.

Scram 411

EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

The first motorcycle to launch in the Indian market will be the Scram 411. It is the scrambler version of the Himalayan. Royal Enfield will be sharing a lot of parts with the Himalayan as this will help in keeping the costs down. The clay model and the spy shots of the new motorcycle have already been leaked online. Scram will use the same chassis and engine as the Himalayan, but the front wheel will now measure 19-inches instead of 21-inches. The rear will stay the same at 17-inches. There will be no front windscreen and the side external mounts for the jerry can also be removed to provide a more Scrambler look. There is a slightly different fuel tank and side blades with 411 written on them. Scram 411 is expected to launch around Diwali or the festive season this year.

650 Twins Anniversary Edition

EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

This year marks the 120th anniversary of Royal Enfield. So, the manufacturer is expected to launch some special edition paint schemes for the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. We do know that some of the new paint schemes will use a combination of chrome and some other colour and they will be priced higher than the regular Mark 2 of the Interceptor and Mr Clean of Continental GT.

New 650 Twins with alloys

EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

The flagship motorcycles of Royal Enfield have not received a major update since they were launched back in 2018. Yes, there were some new paint schemes, a clear lens headlamp and they became BS6 compliant over time. But now Royal Enfield is finally expected to give them a major update. The update can be in terms of design and features. So, we can expect a Tripper Navigation module from the factory-like we have seen on the Meteor 350 and the Himalayan.

It will finally get the option of alloy wheels. People still like the way the spoked wheels look on a retro motorcycle like Interceptor and GT but there are still many people who want the mental satisfaction that alloy wheels offer with tubeless tyres. We also expect the motorcycles to come with upside-down forks eventually considering the Classic 650 and the Cruiser 650 will be coming with upside-down forks. However, it is not confirmed if Royal Enfield will offer them in the coming update.  The new 650 Twins are expected to launch in January’22. The prices of the 650 Twins are expected to go up by quite some margin.

Cruiser 650

EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

Royal Enfield is working on a new cruiser motorcycle that will also use the same engine as the 650 Twins. It will have a riding triangle of a cruiser just like we have seen on the Meteor 350. So, there will be a teardrop fuel tank, blacked-out engine exhausts finished in chrome that comes out straight, a circular Meteor-like tail light, wide handlebar and forward-set footpegs. It will also get alloy wheels and upside-down front forks which are a first for Royal Enfield. The motorcycle is expected to launch sometime next year.

Classic 650

EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

There is also a Classic 650 that gets a more traditional styling. It looks like a larger version of the 2021 Classic 350. It gets a different alloy wheel design from the Cruiser 650 but it continues to come with upside-down front forks. It gets new switchgear that we have seen on the Meteor and the 2021 Classic. The exhaust and the engine are blacked out. Also, because it is a Classic, the footpegs are more centre set. The Classic 650 is also expected to launch sometime in 2023.

Himalayan 450

EXCLUSIVE: 5 new Royal Enfield motorcycles launching soon

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is one of the best affordable adventure Tourer motorcycles that you can buy in India. One gripe that most people has with it is the lack of power which can be felt because of its heavyweight. According to the rumours, Royal Enfield might be working on a slightly more powerful version of the 411 cc engine of the Himalayan. The motorcycle is said to be under development at the UK test facility. The cubic capacity of the engine can get bumped up to 450 cc. So, the Himalayan now might produce around 30 PS of max power which should be enough for a 200 kg motorcycle.  The Himalayan 450 might get launched by the end of 2022.

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