Mahindra Thar Five-Door (Armada) SUV: Test mules Reveal Features [Video]

2024 Mahindra thar five-door test mule

The country’s largest SUV manufacturer, Mahindra Automotive, is relentlessly working on the development of the new Thar five-door. Over the last few months, we have seen numerous test mules of this SUV being tested in the country. Recently, a video showing not one, not two, but a total of ten test mules of the Thar five-door has been shared online. The video shows the upcoming Mahindra Thar five-door, which could most likely also be called the Armada, in detail from the outside as well as the inside. This new SUV will come with a number of new features.

The video of the Mahindra Thar five-door (Armada) has been shared on YouTube by The Car Show on their channel. It starts off with the presenter mentioning that in the parking lot, there are a total of 10 different Thar five-door test mules. He states that all of them have been covered in heavy camouflage. However, a number of details can still be noted. Following this, it starts with the test mule of what appears to be the top-spec variant of the Armada.

Exterior Design Details

The presenter starts showing the exterior upgrades of the Mahindra Thar five-door (Armada) with the test mule parked on the extreme right side of the parking lot. He first shows the front end of the vehicle and mentions that it gets a brand new front grille, which will have a different design than the outgoing model and will get a horizontal dividing line. Apart from this, he shows the new LED headlights with LED DRLs and small LED DRLs on the fenders. Next up, he shows a different test mule, which was also equipped with a set of front parking sensors. The presenter adds that most likely the Armada will get a 360-degree camera as well.

Mahindra Thar Five-Door (Armada) SUV: Test mules Reveal Features [Video]

Next up, the presenter moves to the side profile of the car. He states that the car has been given a set of brand-new alloy wheels, which are 19 inches in diameter. Three of the alloy wheels were covered in camouflage, but the presenter shows the rear left wheel which showed the new 10-spoke diamond-cut design. Next up, he shows that the rear door of the Thar five-door (Armada) will come equipped with vertically mounted door handles, and the front will come with standard horizontal door handles.

Mahindra Thar Five-Door (Armada) SUV: Test mules Reveal Features [Video]

After the side profile, the presenter moves to the rear end of the test mule. The new Armada, just like the outgoing Thar, will get a rear tailgate-mounted spare wheel. Apart from this, it will get a rear wiper and washer and also get a defogger. He also shows the high-mounted stop lamp of the Thar five-door as well. Lastly, the presenter mentions that the LED taillights have also been changed, and it will also get a reverse parking camera and sensors as well.

Interior Details of the Thar five-door

Mahindra Thar Five-Door (Armada) SUV: Test mules Reveal Features [Video]

Following the exterior design details, the presenter shows the interior design of this latest test mule. He first shows the rear seats of the car and mentions that it will come equipped with three individual headrests and seatbelts. Apart from this, he also shows the electric sunroof placed in the middle of the roof and also roof-mounted speakers on the rear of the car like the Scorpio-N and XUV700. After this, he adds that the car will come equipped with USB-C charging ports and air conditioning vents in the middle of the front two seats as well.

Mahindra Thar Five-Door (Armada) SUV: Test mules Reveal Features [Video]

Next up, he moves to the dashboard layout of the new Thar five-door. He states that the main highlight of the new dashboard is the 10.25-inch touchscreen, which he states has been taken from the XUV400. Apart from this, it will also get multifunction buttons as well, which will be placed underneath the circular AC vents and controls. The car will also get auto-dimming IRVM, dual-tone black and brown color combination, and leather seats as well. It will also come equipped with the same steering as the Scorpio-N with cruise control and infotainment system controls. Apart from this, the Thar five-door will also get a 10-inch digital instrument gauge cluster with graphics similar to that of the XUV700.

2024 Thar five-door (Armada) Engine Specifications

The presenter earlier in the video mentions that most likely the Thar five-door (Armada) will get the same engine options as the outgoing Thar three-door. He states that it could come with the 2.2-litre diesel and 2.0-litre petrol engine. He highlights that the power on the diesel engine could be around 175 bhp, which is more than the 130 bhp of the three-door Thar and similar to that of the Scorpio-N. He adds the company could be doing this to offset the weight increase due to additional doors and seats. Apart from this, he adds that the Thar five-door will most likely be offered with 4X2 as well as 4X4 options.

Mahindra Thar Five-Door (Armada) SUV: Test mules Reveal Features [Video]

What Will It Be Called?

Reports have suggested that Mahindra could be badging the Thar five-door as Armada. This could be done as recently the company filed the patent for this name. Another reason for this name to be given to the Thar five-door is to create a difference between Thar five-door and three-door model. At the moment, the final name for the upcoming Thar five-door has not been confirmed by Mahindra.