Exclusive: Mahindra Reva NXR spy photos

The Mahindra Reva NXR is due for launch by November 2012. The car is in its final stages of testing and was spotted by us on the outskirts of Bangalore. Here are some pictures and more information about the car.

As you can see from the pictures, we managed to get up close and personal with the occupants of the car and managed to get more information on the NXR. Those of you waiting for an electric car, there’s some hope.

Exclusive: Mahindra Reva NXR spy photos
Photo: The Reva NXR looks good from the front with its twin-projector headlamps


The Reva NXR is bigger than the existing Reva and can seat four occupants more comfortably. It continues to be a two-door with a glass hatch for luggage. The body is made entirely of reinforced ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic that is tough and impact resistant, while remaining lightweight – a key factor in electric car design. However, there are large panel gaps noticeable, which may be corrected in the final production cars.

At the front, the car gets a twin headlamp set up with projector headlamps and a large grille, exactly like the car showcased at the Auto Expo. At the rear, the car gets sleek rectangular tail-lamps that blend in nicely with the overall design. Wheel rims and tyres have been taken from the Mahindra Verito, while door handles are pull-type like the Maruti Swift.

Exclusive: Mahindra Reva NXR spy photos
Photo: The Reva NXR has an openable glass hatch to load luggage

Interiors and features

The interiors are a combination of greys. What’s interesting is the instrument panel which is a large blue back-lit digital display. All the essential information such as battery charge, battery usage, drive selection, range, speed and distance are displayed digitally. The drive selector now looks like a gear shift and is mounted on the floor, unlike the large dial on the current Reva.

Getting into the rear seat is by tilting the front seats forward. There is as much legroom in the rear now as a Maruti Alto, which is a significant improvement over the older Reva. The front doors also get manual window-winders to roll down the windows, unlike the earlier sliding windows. The car also gets a two-wiper set up compared to the large single wiper on the older car. The AC vents look similar to the ones found in the Mahindra Verito. The car also boasts of a larger AC compressor than the present Reva for more effective cooling.

Exclusive: Mahindra Reva NXR spy photos

Photo: The Reva NXR gets a digital instrument display

Engine and performance

The motor in the Reva NXR is a slightly better version of the existing Reva’s motor. It is a constant-drive motor with the selector showing four positions. The car puts out around 55 Nm of torque and 13 Kw (17.5 bhp) of power. The Indian version was seen testing with lead-acid batteries, but you can also get a lithium-ion variant that has better range.

The car under test had clocked more than half a lakh kilometers and was still on its original battery pack. Apparently it still gives 120 km range on a full charge which takes about four-hour’s time and one can get a range of 60 km with a one-hour ‘quick’ charge using a regular household wall socket. The car has a top-speed of 85 kilometers per hour. With AC and light usage, expect the range to drop slightly.
Exclusive: Mahindra Reva NXR spy photos
Photo: The Reva NXR borrows wheel rims from the Verito

Expected launch and pricing

The car is expected to hit showrooms around the country in November this year around the Diwali season. It is expected to be priced around Rs. 4 lakh for the base model. Also watch: Reva NXR video review

Let us know if you think the Reva NXR makes sense for regular city use instead of a petrol or diesel car.