Toyota Innova Modified To Look Like A 1 Crore Rupee Alphard Super Luxury MPV [Video]

toyota innova to alphard

Autorounders, a prominent automotive customization company with establishments in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Mira-Bhayandar, and Pune, has recently undertaken an impressive modification project. They have transformed a Toyota Innova (Type 3) into a sophisticated Toyota Alphard, utilizing an exclusive imported kit. This modification marks a remarkable milestone as the company asserts that it is the first Innova in India to feature this imported Alphard kit.

Toyota Innova:

The Toyota Innova, renowned as a spacious and reliable Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), has held a dominant position in the Indian automotive market since its introduction in 2005. With a journey marked by significant milestones, including the transition to the Innova Crysta, this MPV has consistently garnered market dominance, capturing over 40% of the MPV segment share in India.

Exterior Changes:

Toyota Innova Modified To Look Like A 1 Crore Rupee Alphard Super Luxury MPV [Video]

The transformation begins at the front, where the bumper and grille have undergone a complete makeover. The new design imparts a modern and sharp appearance, complemented by a bold and striking grille. The addition of projector headlights enhances the contemporary look, and chrome elements contribute to an overall appealing aesthetic. To further elevate the front profile, LED fog lamps and DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) have been seamlessly integrated.

On the sides, the modification extends to the wheels and skirts. The steel wheels have been replaced with modern and aesthetically pleasing alloy designs. Additionally, Lexus side skirts, crafted in-house by Autorounders, contribute to the vehicle’s enhanced visual appeal.

Moving to the rear, the changes continue with a redesigned bumper and added skirting. The inclusion of smoked black LED taillights adds a touch of sophistication, while an LED illuminated nameplate completes the rear transformation.

Interior Upgrades:

The modification extends to the interior, where a meticulous attention to detail is evident. Aesthetic ambient lights have been strategically placed throughout the cabin, enhancing the overall ambiance. Cream seat covers contribute to a luxurious feel, and the interior theme revolves around a combination of cream and black. Even the roof material has been replaced to provide a more opulent appearance.

Modifier Details:

Autorounders, the driving force behind this impressive modification, is a reputable company known for its expertise in transforming popular models such as the Innova and Fortuner. They have also ventured into customization projects for high-end vehicles, including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

The conversion of the Toyota Innova (Type 3) to a Toyota Alphard by Autorounders showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive customization. With a blend of exterior and interior enhancements, this modified vehicle stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering unique and visually striking transformations.