Experiment shows how much petrol evaporate from the fuel tank if it is parked under the sun

Almost every part of India is experiencing extreme summer this year. There are several reasons behind this heat wave but we are not talking about that in this article. We are talking about another important topic. Most of us who are using vehicles during summer try to get the vehicle parked in shade even if it is for few minutes. The reason why we do that is because the interior inside the car gets extremely hot and in case of a two-wheeler one can hardly sit on the seat. Many people do not park the bike under sun to save fuel. It is said that petrol from the tank evaporates when the motorcycle is parked under the sun. Here we have an experiment video that tries to show whether this claim is true or not.

The video has been uploaded by MECHANICAL TECH HINDI on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks how he is planning to do the experiment. He took a clear glass measuring cup and then poured the petrol that he brought in a bottle into it. After pouring the petrol into the cup, he waited for it to settle so that he can take the exact measurement. He mentions that the bottle had 910 ml of petrol in it.

It was a sunny day when the experiment was being conducted and was quite windy too. The temperature displayed on the smartphone was around 33 degree Celsius. The vlogger poured the petrol into the cup and started the stopwatch in his mobile phone. He waited for 2 hours before measuring the quantity again. After one hour, it was quite evident that the petrol from the fuel was definitely evaporating. The rate of evaporation was much higher in the first one hour when compared to the second. In timelapse section of the video, the level of petrol in the cup can be seen going down.

Experiment shows how much petrol evaporate from the fuel tank if it is parked under the sun

After waiting for two hours, the vlogger comes back and checks the amount of petrol left in the cup. After 2 hours, the cup was left with only 560 ml of fuel. In two hours, almost 350 ml of petrol evaporated into thin air. Is it because of the bright sun that the petrol got evaporated? well, sun is one of the factor. There are several factors other than sun that determine this. For example, the speed of the wind, humidity also play a crucial role. Another important thing that should be noted here in the experiment is that the vlogger tested it in a cup and that was not at all covered when it was in the sun.

If you compare it with a motorcycle, the hole through which the fuel is poured in is very small. The more wider the mouth of the lid, more is the rate of evaporation. The Similarly There are washers and other elements that traps the vapour inside the fuel tank. The petrol definitely evaporate but, the rate of evaporation is not as much as it is shown here in the video. If the vlogger has conducted the same experiment using a bike or had used a tumbler with a lid then he might have achieved a closer result.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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