Exploring India on Royal Enfield motorcycles can be LEGENDARY stuff [Video]

This should interest everyone who has a knack for traveling and exploring new places on a motorcycle. Vintage Rides, a United Kingdom-based travel organizer, plans and conducts motorcycle tours in various parts of the Indian sub-continent. They plan motorcycle trips to the Himalayas, South India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Laos. The motorcycles that these folks use for tours are various Royal Enfield models.

Exploring India on Royal Enfield motorcycles can be LEGENDARY stuff [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles have already proven their mettle in long-distance touring. No surprise, then, that the good people at Vintage Rides have found the characterful motorcycles an appropriate option for conducting their tours. Their tours provide a great experience by combing motorcycle travel, exploration of offbeat destinations, and a sense of adventure that comes from traveling through foreign lands on a motorcycle. These tours are conducted under the supervision of professional riders and travel planners.

For every tour, Vingate Rides have fixed departure dates. Moreover, a tour can’t have more than 12 riders, pillions included. The tours are led by English-speaking guides. You can even have your own personalized motorcycle trip on the dates of your choice and with your own group of motorcycle buddies. Vintage Rides provides ”A la carte” trips that don’t depend on the number of bikers in the group. However, even in the case of such personalized trips, you will be guided by a tour leader and will have to follow a pre-set itinerary.

That is not all; you can even take a self-sufficient solo adventure in the Asia continent! The ‘Freedom tour’ package allows you to go riding without a tour leader. You can ride solo or have a small group of bikers. However, the good folks at Vintage Riders provide adequate training at their Delhi garage before letting you go ride on your own. They also supply an electronic roadbook, a mobile phone, and of course, a Royal Enfield motorcycle. You can design your own trip stages, based on their existing itineraries. You can even alter the stages to suit your riding skills. The entire trip can be tailor-made based on the time you have.

via Vintage Rides