What Japanese students have to say about the Royal Enfield Classic [Video]

Japanese students reaction to Royal Enfield

The Chennai-based bike maker Royal Enfield’s bikes have become immensely popular in India in the last few years. Apart from India, the company also exports its bikes to a number of international markets. One of these markets is Japan, and recently, a video of an Indian biker in Japan riding his Royal Enfield has been shared online. In this video, he also shows his bike to Japanese students and answers their questions regarding his bike. He also talks about the riding culture of Japan and a few other things.

Royal Enfield Dealership in Japan

This video of a Japanese student trying out a Royal Enfield Classic 350 for the first time has been shared on YouTube by Ajay Pandey on their channel. It starts with the presenter going to the Royal Enfield dealership in his city. He shows that the RE showroom currently has almost the entire range of Royal Enfield bikes. He states that the dealership was filled with Classic 350, Meteor 350, Scram 411, Hunter 350, Continental GT 650, and the recently launched Super Meteor 650.

What Japanese students have to say about the Royal Enfield Classic [Video]

Following the tour of the showroom, the presenter asks the manager about the most popular Royal Enfield bike in Japan. To this, he replies that it is the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Following this, he mentions that the Classic 350 in Japan costs Rs 4 lakh, and the Continental GT 650 costs Rs 6.5 lakh. Following this, he shares that the RE brand is still pretty new for Japanese people as there are not many on the road. He adds that because of this, he gets numerous reactions from people who see it for the first time.

What Japanese students have to say about the Royal Enfield Classic [Video]

Japanese Student’s Reaction

Next up, he starts his ride and talks about the riding culture of Japan. He mentions that people here do not prefer bikes as transportation and just ride as their hobby. He explains that there are multiple biker cafes on the side of roads where people in groups and solo bikers as well stop for coffee and food. He then shows one such cafe where he gets a coffee and some food while showing the bikes in the parking lot.

What Japanese students have to say about the Royal Enfield Classic [Video]

During his meal, a young Japanese couple comes to him and asks him about his bike. The couple asks him which bike it is and how much it costs. To this, he replies that the bike is a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and it costs around ¥8,00,000. The couple then gets surprised but appreciates the appearance of the bike. The young boy says that he was thinking of buying a Honda CB 350 but now is thinking about getting this bike instead.

The owner of the bike then mentions that as the boy does not have a license to ride a bigger bike, he let him sit on it and check it out. The student was then sitting on the bike and mentioning that it is not that heavy. Following this, the presenter finishes his lunch and continues on his ride. Finally, he reaches back at the Royal Enfield dealership and takes out the new Continental GT 650 and the Meteor 650 for test drives.