EXPLOSIVE power of airbag shows why everyone must wear a seatbelt [Video]

Safety regulations in the country have become stricter in the last couple of years and this has pushed car manufacturers to come up with more safety features even on the cheapest models. Even the most affordable car sold in the country now comes with airbags and ABS as standard. Airbags play a vital role in saving the passengers in case of an accident but, have you ever thought how the airbag actually works?. Well, here we have a video that shows the functi0ning of an airbag in a car.

The video has been uploaded by MR. INDIAN HACKER on his youtube channel. The video shows how fast an airbag is deployed and how powerful the airbag actually is. In order to conduct this experiment, he safely removes an airbag from a Maruti car and connects it with a cable to trigger the airbag.

He connects the wire and within fraction of a second, the whole airbags inflates. As the explosion was quite powerful, the whole unit is blown in the air. There is a thin layer of plastic casing in front of the airbag and at the time of explosion that particular piece is torn by the pressure that is building inside. The airbag inflation happens because of an explosion.

The chemical used inside the airbag is called Sodium Azide. In case of an accident, the sensors in front of the car sends an electric signal to the ignitor. The heat generated as part of the reaction causes Sodium azide to decompose into sodium metal and nitrogen gas that inflates the airbag. This is how the whole thing works. Now there are some measure that a person as a driver or a passenger must take while inside the car.

The airbags will only be deployed if the driver or passenger is wearing the seatbelt. If in case the occupant is not wearing the seatbelt things can get serious pretty soon. Other thing one should notice is to leave at least 20-30 cm gap so that you don’t hurt yourself when the airbag is deployed. The affect of this reaction is so powerful that airbag which is installed as a safety device can easily hurt your face or head. So, by wearing the seat belt you can ensure that the airbags can deploy and you can also maintain a safe distance and not get hurt.