Exter is 2nd Hyundai to get factory-fitted front-rear dashcam [Video]

The South Korean automotive giant, Hyundai Motors India, recently launched its newest offering, the micro-SUV Exter, in India. The company has introduced this model as the most modern vehicle in its segment and offers it with some first-in-segment features, such as an electric sunroof and a factory-fitted dual-facing dashcam. A recent YouTube video showcases the use of the all-new dashcam offered by the company in the new Exter, highlighting its lifestyle and safety usage.

The video of the Hyundai Exter dashcam has been shared on YouTube Shorts by TIMES DRIVE on their channel. In this video, the presenter mentions that the trend for dashcams has increased in India, and this feature has been marketed as both a safety and lifestyle feature. He adds that many people use this feature as proof in case of a road rage incident or an accident. He states that Hyundai currently offers the dashcam in two of its products, the Venue N-Line and the Exter.

Talking about the dashcam itself, the presenter mentions that the one in the Exter and Venue N-Line comes equipped with two camera lenses. One is placed facing the road, and the other is placed facing the passengers. Following this, he mentions that this camera can be controlled by installing Hyundai India’s dashcam application and providing it with the smartphone’s wifi. He adds that the camera can be used to click pictures of the passengers as well as record the road.

Only cars in India with factory fitted dashcam

Exter is 2nd Hyundai to get factory-fitted front-rear dashcam [Video]

As mentioned, the Hyundai Venue N-Line was the first car to feature the dashcam in India, and along with the Exter, these two Hyundai models are currently the only mass-market cars in the country to offer a factory-fitted dashcam. This innovative feature has several advantages and sets these cars apart from their competitors.

Boosting road safety

The dual-facing dashcam in the Exter and Venue N-Line contributes to enhanced road safety. For example, in the case of a road rage incident or an accident, the recorded footage can serve as crucial evidence. It provides a clear and unbiased account of what transpired on the road, helping to resolve disputes and hold accountable those responsible.

Hassle-free integration

The fact that the dashcam is factory-fitted ensures seamless integration into the vehicle’s design and functionality. It is professionally installed during the manufacturing process, ensuring optimal placement and operation without any additional effort required from the owner. This eliminates the need for aftermarket installation, which can be time-consuming and may not always provide the same level of integration.

No impact on warranty

One major advantage of the factory-fitted dashcam is that it doesn’t affect the vehicle’s warranty. Since the dashcam is an official accessory offered by Hyundai, there is no need to splice wires or modify the electrical system of the car, as is often the case with aftermarket dashcams. This means owners can enjoy the benefits of the dashcam without worrying about voiding their warranty coverage or any short circuit in the electrical wiring.

Exter is 2nd Hyundai to get factory-fitted front-rear dashcam [Video]

First-in-class feature

The inclusion of a factory-fitted dual-facing dashcam in the Exter and Venue N-Line sets them apart as leaders in their segment. Even some costlier cars in the market do not offer this feature as standard. Hyundai has taken a proactive approach by introducing this best and first-in-class feature in their mass-market vehicles, giving customers access to advanced safety and lifestyle technology that was previously only available in higher-end models.

Influence on future trends

With Hyundai being the first automaker to introduce a factory-fitted dashcam in mass-market cars, it is likely to have a significant impact on the industry. Other manufacturers may follow suit and start incorporating similar features in their upcoming models. This move by Hyundai has opened the door for more car manufacturers to consider offering factory-fitted dashcams, thereby promoting road safety and providing customers with additional convenience and peace of mind.

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