Fake govt officer caught after Mahindra XUV500 with sirens attract cop’s attention

Kolkata Police have caught a man posing as a government officer. The man posed as an officer of ‘National Crime Control Bureau.’ Identified as Golam Rabbani, the man travelled in a Mahindra XUV500 complete with hooters, sirens and a nameplate on the vehicle.

Fake govt officer caught after Mahindra XUV500 with sirens attract cop’s attention

The team of police arrested the man at Pragati Maidan Police station in Kolkata and registered an FIR. 40-year-old Golam Rabbani was travelling in the XUV500 with a metal plate that had inscriptions saying Deputy Director of NCCB. The police suspected the man because there is no government body named NCCB. The central agency is named as National Crime Records Bureau.

There were additional hooters and sirens installed on the vehicle too. On the bonnet, the car had the Government of West Bengal written in blue and in red font in the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle was stopped at a checkpoint at the EM Bypass.

After the police questioned Golam and asked for documents, he could not produce any documents including the car’s registration. He also did not have his driving license. Golam also could not answer why he was violating the lockdown rules and is out on the public roads.

Conspired to cheat the Government

Fake govt officer caught after Mahindra XUV500 with sirens attract cop’s attention

After his arrest and questioning by the police, Golam revealed that he hatched a criminal conspiracy with others to cheat the Government of West Bengal. He also planned to scam other law-enforcing agencies, for which he had forged the metal plate and the other stickers, which gave the vehicle a genuine look.

Kolkata Police also caught a civic volunteer last week who was also imposing himself. The man posed as Bidhannagar Police Commisssionerate and was in process of duping a city-based contractor of Rs 48 lakh. Another man was arrested for posing as an IPS officer in Kolkata with the National Investigation Agency (NIA). He was demanding Rs 2 lakh from a person.

Kolkata Police removed 191 beacons

Some time ago, Kolkata Police have removed 191 beacons that were illegally installed on the vehicles of government officials. The seizure of illegal beacons happened over 72 hours.

The police caught most of the bureaucrats and others did not know about the new ruling as per the officers who were on the task. According to the police officers, they had to show the transport department notifications about the beacons.

Since 2017, the government has banned the use of beacons by the VIPs including ministers, politicians, and bureaucrats cannot use the beacons. Even the President, Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India cannot use the beacons and sirens.

Only emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, police and army personnel are allowed to use blue flashing beacons in time of emergency. There are currently six categories of beacons in India including red, blue, yellow. The red beacon attracts the most attention and is in fashion since the Britishers introduced to the Indian roads.