No, This is NOT The Next-Gen Tata Sumo!

Fake Tata Sumo news

When reading any news story on the internet or watching any video on YouTube, you should be very cautious, especially if it’s from a site that you are seeing for the first time. This is because the internet is full of lies and misleading stories. Recently, we came across one such article which we can prove is fake. The website named “Timesbull” recently shared an article on their website which claims that the car shown inside it is the new generation Tata Sumo. However, in reality, there is no Tata Sumo coming (no official announcement), and this picture is a photoshopped Volkswagen Atlas SUV.

Fake Picture: Claiming To Be The Next-Gen Tata Sumo

No, This is NOT The Next-Gen Tata Sumo!
Nope, this is NOT the next-gen Tata Sumo. In fact, this picture is of a Volkswagen Atlas, edited with a Tata badge, and a Tata Motors logo.

Yes, this website called TimesBull has shared a fake image claiming it to be the next generation of the Tata Sumo. For those who may not be aware, as of yet, Tata Motors has not announced or even hinted at the revival of the Sumo brand name in India. However, this website claims that this will be the new Tata Sumo.

Real Picture: Volkswagen Altas SUV

No, This is NOT The Next-Gen Tata Sumo!

Busting the lies

Now if you are wondering how can we be so sure that it is not the Tata Sumo? Well, the answer to that is the car shown in the picture is a Volkswagen Atlas SUV. This website has edited the stock photo of a Volkswagen Atlas SUV and has given it a Tata logo. Watch this video to see what the real Volkswagen Atlas looks like.

While we understand that most automotive enthusiasts would have already caught this lie, there are a lot of readers who may be taken for a ride. Websites like TimesBull target such people. So, we thought we should make people aware of the fake stories being published on the internet just for clicks.

How to avoid fake news on the internet?

No, This is NOT The Next-Gen Tata Sumo!

These above-mentioned incidents made us think about how our viewers can avoid false information on the internet. And after some research, we found that there are certain ways in which you can avoid fake news. It requires a combination of critical thinking skills and practical strategies. So here are a few points to help you in avoiding misinformation online.

Verify the Source

The first thing after reading a news is that you should always check the credibility of the source. Before believing or sharing any news, look for well-established and reputable news organizations. Be wary of websites with no clear ownership or those known for spreading misinformation.

Cross-Check Information

One should never rely solely on one source. Always try to cross-check the news with multiple reputable sources to confirm its accuracy. Look for consensus from different sources reporting on the same topic. If a story seems sensational or too good (or bad) to be true, it’s worth verifying from other reliable sources.

No, This is NOT The Next-Gen Tata Sumo!

Examine the Content

One should always analyze the content of the news story for signs of sensationalism and bias. While reading stories, pay attention to the language used, the tone of the article, and whether it presents a balanced perspective.

Check for supporting evidence and quotes from credible experts. Also, note whether the story is based on facts or speculation. Be cautious of clickbait headlines designed to grab attention but may not accurately represent the content.

Be Mindful of Social Media

No, This is NOT The Next-Gen Tata Sumo!

Over the last few years, social media platforms have become a common source of misinformation. So be cautious of news shared on social media, especially if it lacks verification or comes from unknown sources.

Check for blue verification badges on profiles to ensure legitimacy. Avoid spreading news without verifying its accuracy. This is because misinformation can spread rapidly on social media networks. Spreading misinformation may even get you into legal trouble.