Family drives 2,400 km in 56 hours to Jammu-Kashmir from West Bengal in a Mahindra Thar SUV

Mahindra Thar is still one of the most popular and affordable 4×4 SUV one can currently buy in India. There are several videos of the current generation Mahindra Thar where the SUV is seen off-roading. Many people who have bought the current generation Thar have also modified the SUV for road trips. There are many tastefully modified Mahindra Thar SUVs available online. Here we have a video where a family from West Bengal drives to Jammu-Kashmir in their new Mahindra Thar. The family covered the 2,400 km journey in almost 56 hours.

The video has been uploaded by Auto Roaming on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his family have started a trip to Jammu and Kashmir from West Bengal. The journey started early morning and they had decided to not stop at any of the restaurants or hotels in between due to the ongoing pandemic. After filling fuel at the petrol pump, the family started the journey. Vlogger mentions that in this journey both his mother and father would be driving the car. He could not drive the car as he is underage.

Soon there was light on the road and they started driving through the roads of West Bengal. From West Bengal, the family entered Bihar. By this time they had covered almost 450 km and they decided to stop and take rest before continuing the journey. They also decided to not stop at night as it could be risky. After having breakfast and taking rest for some time, the group continued the journey. By the end of the day, the family entered Uttar Pradesh. The Google maps took them through narrow roads at night. After driving on narrow roads and some broken roads, the family finally joined the highway.

Family drives 2,400 km in 56 hours to Jammu-Kashmir from West Bengal in a Mahindra Thar SUV

The family took stops on the highway to stretch themselves and escape from the monotonous highway drives. They highway lead to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh and from there they took the Lucknow to Agra Expressway. The ride was smooth and the family was not facing any issues at all. They encountered rain before joining the expressway. As the family was driving in January, there was smog on the road. They drove the car carefully on the highway as there have been incidents of accident on the highway due to smog in the past.

After reaching Agra, they joined the Taj Expressway and continued their journey. There were several instances where the Google Maps had mislead them or took them to wrong spots. After entering Greater Noida, they joined another highway which was taking them to National Highway 66. After a long drive in Uttar Pradesh, they entered Haryana and soon Punjab after that. They als0 touched Himachal Pradesh before entering Jammu Kashmir. The prepaid sims used by the vlogger and his family were of no use here. The navigation also stopped working due to the same issue. Thar however gets an in built navigation system which worked pretty well in this situation. After driving for one more night non stop, the family reached Jammu and Kashmir.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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