Family has miraculous escape after car gets swept into Mumbai river [Video]

With the Mumbai rains lashing out with full force, there are numerous commuters who get stuck due to the flood-like situations on the roads. There have been numerous mishaps with the commuters due to the rain and here is an incident that has been caught on camera.

The dramatic footage shows the rescue of the family who was trapped in their vehicle being pulled out to safety. The video shows a few people helping the family by throwing a rope and pulling them out of the submerged car. The incident happened in Taloja in Navi Mumbai and the footage was captured from a bridge. Two women and a man were rescued safely from the drowning vehicle.

The car slipped off the bridge due to the heavy rainfall and got trapped in the rapidly flowing water. Many reports suggest that the water level started rising suddenly after the car fell, which trapped the occupants completely. Locals came to the rescue and all the members of the family were saved without any injuries. It would have turned into a much worse situation if the locals did not give a helping hand to the victims.

It is important to be extremely careful during the rainy season and the car should be in top-notch condition to avoid any such incidents. The vehicle slipped from the bridge and fell into the water. It is not known if the vehicle was being driven at a high speed. During the rainy season, the condition of the tyres become very important. If the tyres do not have deep enough treads, it can slip off easily when it rains. Also, a phenomenon called aquaplaning becomes quite common during the rainy season. The tyre pressure is very important too. If the tyres are underinflated, the chances of aquaplaning increases while overfilling the tyres causes a loss of grip.

Driving at high speed over water can cause the water to form a thin film over the tyres and there is no direct contact between the road and the tyres. This causes a loss of grip and the vehicle can slide uncontrollably.