Why do many famous people like Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan use Toyota Innova?

Toyota has ruled the MPV segment in India right from the days of Qualis. The Innova that replaced the Qualis from the line-up became a mega-hit after its launch and no other vehicle in the segment could replace the mighty Innova. Even celebrities love the Innova MPVs and with the launch of the Crysta version, more private buyers have chosen the practical Innova over other vehicles. Here are a few reasons why even celebrities chose the Toyota Innova over other cars.

Can last for lakhs of kilometres

The Toyota Innova offers bulletproof reliability and that is why it is so popular among the fleet owners. There are several Toyota Innova MPVs that have crossed lakhs of kilometres on the odometer and they just keep on going stronger. Apart from the solid build quality of the Innova, Toyota offers the bulletproof D-4D engine option with the vehicle. It is a world-renowned engine that can last for several lakh km with only regular service.

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora owns several high-end SUVs. Her daily driver is an Innova petrol-automatic. She drives it around by herself on most occasions too.

High comfort level

The ladder-frame chassis of the Innova provides ample flexibility to offer a comfortable drive. With the superb suspension set-up, the Innova offers an extremely smooth ride even on the bumpiest roads. This is why many people prefer Innova over any other MPV when going on long-distance journeys.

Aamir Khan, who owns several high-end cars also loves practical vehicles. He owns a Toyota Fortuner and was the brand ambassador of the Innova too. He has an Innova in his garage and uses it quite often.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is something that everyone keeps in mind while buying a new car and Toyota simple excels in that department. Toyota offers multiple maintenance packages for the customers depending on the usage. This reduces service costs dramatically. Even though the price of the Innova Crysta is on the higher side, the life and the maintenance of the vehicle cover for it.

Even Jackie Shroff, who owns several high-end cars like Bentley who owns an Innova and drives himself around in it.

Easy ingress

The high seating of the Innova and the wide-open doors allow occupants to get in and out of the vehicle without much of a problem. It is like sitting in a chair and is very helpful to the customers who are old and cannot move much. It is also great for the children who do not have to make much of an effort to get in and out of the vehicle.

Superstar Rajnikanth owns an Innova and drives around in it. He uses the car regularly to reach his work and other places.

Feels premium

The Innova Crysta that was launched with LED projector headlamps, ambient lighting, rear AC digital display, leather seats, wooden inserts in the dashboard and more such features feel quite premium. That is why many more private car buyers are choosing the Innova Crysta that once got the tag of taxi vehicle due to its popularity amongst the fleet owners.

Gulshan Grover, the bad boy of Bollywood also owns an Innova. He uses the car quite regularly as it is a practical and cost-effective compared to his other high-end vehicles.