‘Fans’ seeking selfie chase car, break window of BMW in which cricketer Prithvi Shaw was traveling in: Police case registered

Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was in a scary situation because of his fans in Mumbai. Oshiwara Police registered a case against eight people for attacking the car in which Prithvi Shaw was travelling. Here is what happened.

Prithvi Shaw was travelling in a BMW car with his friend when the incident happened. A group of people saw Shaw inside the car and rushed to get a selfie.

‘Fans’ seeking selfie chase car, break window of BMW in which cricketer Prithvi Shaw was traveling in: Police case registeredWhen he refused it for the second time, the fans outside the vehicle started attacking the vehicle. The Mumbai Police have issued an official statement and said that they have registered a case against 8 people.

It is not clear where exactly the incident took place. However, it happened somewhere near the Sahara Star Hotel’s Mansion Club according to a few news reports. Sana Gill and Shobit Thakur have been identified as the accused and the police are working to identify the others.

According to the information, Sana and Shobit asked for a selfie from Prithvi Shaw at the club. The accused demanded another selfie but Prithvi declined. An altercation broke out in the club and the manager intervened. The manager also escorted the accused out of the compound.

Both the accused waited for Shaw and his friend to leave the club. They stopped the car near Jogeshwari Link Road Lotus gas station and shattered the car’s window using a baseball bat. The complainant, who is a friend of Prithvi Shaw says that they sent Prithvi away in another car but the accused chased him and stopped the car. They demanded Rs 50,000 for resolving the matter. She also threatened to file a false case.

The police identified the accused by going through the name and numbers of the people who had taken selfies with the cricketer.

Car vandalising

This is not the first incident of vandalising a car. In the past, we have seen numerous incidents where road rage or other matters turn into full-blown car vandalising. Many celebrities have been attacked before as well and that is why many state police forces provide a team for the safety of the celebrities.

Car vandalism can happen with or without you and that is why having a dashboard camera installed in the vehicle is so important. The dashboard is very useful in various cases. It can be used to record accidents and crimes on public roads. The footage provides important and very crucial evidence when accidents happen and it eases the process of insurance claims. Many high-end cameras can also detect motion and capture the footage ensuring that it records if anyone tries to temper the vehicle. In all, dashboard cameras are a great investment and everyone should get one for their own safety and to avoid such situations.

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