Robbers on motorcycle pull off Fast&Furious style truck robbery in India

Don’t we always wonder if the drama scenes in action movies happen in real life too? Well, not all the time but here is a video that shows how a group of thieves are trying to pull off a Fast and Furious-inspired robbery in broad daylight. The whole incident was captured on camera.

This incident happened in Madhya Pradesh. The secluded highway gave the chance to this group of thieves, who tried to loot a moving truck. the video is taken from a vehicle that is behind the truck.

The video shows that the truck is cruising in the middle lane of an empty highway. One of the three men jumps from the bike to hold on to the truck. He then uses a bolt cutter to break the lock and open the door of the container. All this happened while the truck was still on the move and that too at a good pace.

The other two men on the bike keep on riding in close proximity to the truck. During the incident, when the car driver speeds up and reaches the thieves, they wave at him and ask him to move on. While the exact content of the container is not known, the video says that there is edible oil in there.

The car driver then moves up to the truck driver and informs him that there are thieves behind his container. We are not sure what happened after that since there is no information available.

Not the first time

Robbers on motorcycle pull off Fast&Furious style truck robbery in India

With a vast road network around India, there are hundreds of kilometres that remain secluded for a long time. This gives ample opportunities to the thieves. In the past, we have seen incidents where the thieves stop the vehicle by using various methods like putting up barricades, dressing like cops and more. However, this is something new. It allows the thieves to get done with their job without letting the driver know about it.

This is not an isolated incident. In the past, a few other trucks have been looted in a similar fashion. This also happens in the USA, where trucks are quite common.

Indian highways remain quite dangerous and unsafe, especially while going through the secluded expressways. People get stopped by thieves and robbers all the time and get looted on the highways. In fact, there are various gangs that operate at different locations across India and loot vehicles on the highways. These gangs use different tactics like keeping a massive stone on the road, creating a roadblock using stones, dressing like police officials and stopping the vehicles, throwing eggs on the windscreen and more.

That is why it is always advisable to travel during the daytime if you are travelling on a new road or an unknown road. The chances of such loots and robberies reduce during daylight. Have you ever been a victim of highway robbery? Do let us know in the comments section.