Dad builds ‘mini’ Royal Enfield Bullet electric for son

Royal Enfields are one of the most popular motorcycles in our country. They have a cult following for their long stroke engines that have a unique thump. People have been modifying Royal Enfields for a long time because of the motorcycles adaptable platform. They can be transformed into any type of motorcycle with a bunch of mods. Most of the modified motorcycles use a Royal Enfield motorcycle as a donor bike. We have also seen electric motorcycles that have been built onto a Royal Enfield’s frame. Here, we have a video that shows us a mini Bullet replica that has been made by a father for his son.

The video is from Kerala’s Kollam district. It is not a proper electric motorcycle. You can consider it a toy version of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 that runs on electricity. The video has been uploaded by  Mind vision ktr on their YouTube channel. The design elements of the mini Bullet 350 are identical to the original Bullet 350. It has been built from scratch by the father at their home. When we compare the dimensions, the mini Bullet 350’s dimensions are similar to a kid’s small cycle which you would be able to see in the video.

The mini Bullet gets a proper internal frame that supports the motorcycle. The whole motorcycle is made up of metal or fibre to keep the weight down. Where the original Bullet 350 runs on an internal combustion engine, the mini Bullet that we see in the video runs on electricity. It has electric motors that get its power from a 12V battery kit.

Dad builds ‘mini’ Royal Enfield Bullet electric for son

Father has ensured that the mini Bullet looks exactly like the original one. The electric motorcycle has been finished in black and it gets the same stickering as the original Bullet. The teardrop fuel tank has been painted black and gets the Royal Enfield logo along with pin strping. Even the side panels have stickers that are identical to an original Bullet 350.

There is a wide handlebar and chrome rearview mirrors. There are levers for clutch and brake but they act as front and rear brake just like we have seen on Honda Activa or some electric scooters.

Dad builds ‘mini’ Royal Enfield Bullet electric for son

Up-front there is a circular headlamp, circular turn indicators, black mudguard and there is even a number plate holder. There is a crash guard to protect the rider and the motorcycle in case of a fall. We can also see that the father has given special attention to the engine casing which looks like an original long-stroke engine found on Royal Enfield motorcycles. The engine also has ‘Royal Enfield’ engraved on it.

There is a working side stand that is used the kid needs to park the Mini Bullet. On the right side, you will even see an exhaust pipe which obviously does not emit any exhaust gasses because it is an electric vehicle. But this shows, how much attention to detail has the father given in making this mini electric Bullet. Kudos to the father, who has made such an accurate replica for his kid.