Father FINED Rs. 26,000 for letting minor son ride his scooter

Minor people riding or driving is a big nuisance in India. Even though there are strict laws against the minor taking control of a motor vehicle on the public roads, there are still many who do it undaunted. In past, the cops have sent parents to the jail for allowing their minor children to ride a motorcycle or drive a car. Here is a similar incident where the police have enforced a huge fine of Rs 26,000 on the father after his son was caught riding a motorcycle without any valid documents.

Father FINED Rs. 26,000 for letting minor son ride his scooter

The incident happened in the outskirts of Cuttack. The cops stopped the riders on a regular police check post to verify the documents. However, it turns out that the rider who was on the bike is of 17 years. His father was riding pillion on the bike and both the riders did not have a helmet.

The cops slapped two fines on the riders. A fine of Rs 1,000 was issued for not wearing a helmet while riding on the public roads. The second fine of Rs 25,000 was issued for the rider who was juvenile. In total, the cops issued a fine of Rs 26,000. The cops issued the fines under the sections 194D (Riding without Helmets by Driver and Pillion) and 199A (Offences by juveniles).

Father FINED Rs. 26,000 for letting minor son ride his scooter

The cops have allowed the owner of the motorcycle to pay the fine through online modes. Also, the bike has now been impounded by the cops and will be released once the fine is paid by the defaulter. In case, the violator does not pay the fine, the cops may even cancel the registration of the bike and suspend the driving license of the owner of the bike.

Only a few weeks back, a similar incident happened in Odisha where a minor was caught driving a car on the public roads. He was handed a fine of Rs 25,000 and his father had to pay the fine.

Minors driving a vehicle on the public roads is a major crime and the cops can take strict actions against the defaulters. A minor driving on the road is illegal and hence, not covered by any insurance policy. Also, a minor getting involved in accidents can become a complicated case.

Earlier, Hyderabad Police issued a strict warning to the parents of the minor children who ride motorcycles. The cops even detained the parents of the minor children who were caught driving cars and motorcycles illegally and sent them to jail overnight. A court judgement earlier asked the cops to hold the parents responsible for allowing the minor children to ride or drive cars and two-wheelers.

The legal age of getting a driving license in India is 18 years old. One can learn to drive or ride before that but in private places like a race track or a private road.