Father on Hero Splendor protects child from rain by putting him under his jacket while riding

India is a country where two-wheelers are the most preferred means of transportation. They are cheap, fuel-efficient, reliable and most importantly they provide a great amount of agility. People use them to commute to and from their jobs, markets, and various places and they ride them in almost each and every weather condition. No matter rain, sunshine, or cold these two-wheelers are used almost each and every day by the majority of the Indian population. People travel in these scooters with their spouses, children, and parents, and seeing them is not an out-of-the-ordinary thing. Although once in a while there comes a picture on the internet that shows and speaks a million emotions.

This week a picture shared by a Twitter user became viral on the social media platform as the picture showed a father driving with his son in pouring rain. What was so unique about this picture was the way the father was protecting his child from the pouring rain. In the picture the father and son duo were riding in a Hero MotoCorp Splendor commuter bike where the child was sitting behind his father with his hands wrapped around him but surprisingly his head was inside his father’s jacket. This presentation of a father’s love metled the hearts of many Twitter users.

A number of netizens commented on the post that said, “Dads are underrated!”. People shared a common agreement that indeed the sacrifices of fathers go extremely unappreciated and in general fathers don’t get enough credit for their care and love. The wholesome comment section praised this father for his actions and appreciated this post a lot.

Father on Hero Splendor protects child from rain by putting him under his jacket while riding

In a similar incident of a father’s appreciation post just a few days ago another video of a man riding a Honda Activa scooter with a sleeping kid went viral on social media channels. In that video, a man from Chandigarh was seen travelling with his son although his son was sleeping behind him. The video captured showed that the man was riding the scooter with his right hand, and simultaneously he was holding his son sitting behind him with his left hand wrapped around him. The act in the video was deemed a little unsafe by some users of the social media, however numerous others said that this father showed why they are called superheroes.

On social media, many individuals in the country have also shown their respect for their fathers while also giving them numerous gifts. Earlier in June of this year, Jonathan Amaral, an eSports athlete, content developer, and caster, gave his father his dream automobile. He emphasized how long he had been trying to accomplish this aim. The YouTuber phoned his parents on the day that he was going to pick up the automobile and questioned if they were prepared or not. He informed them that they would be attending a meeting and that they should all dress appropriately. He then led them to a BMW dealership where he gave his father a BMW 3-Series luxury sedan.

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