Father & son miraculously escape after a private bus hits their scooter

Rash driving among bus and other heavy vehicle drivers have caused several accidents in the past. Not just heavy vehicles, accidents due to careless driving are often reported from different parts of the country. Some of these crashes or accidents are fatal while many victims escape from them miraculously. Recently one such accident happened in Kerala where a father and son who were travelling in their scooter where hit by a rashly driven private bus. Both father and son escaped without any major injuries miraculously.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. The whole incident was recorded in a CCTV that was placed inside a shop. The camera is placed in such a manner that it records everything that is happening in the shop and on the road. There are decent number of vehicles on the road and it looks like a busy and narrow road. Few seconds after the video, the camera shows a private bus passing through the road. Bus actually hit a scooter and rider and his son already lost control.

The scooter falls down right next to the front tyre and the rear tyre of the bus misses both rider and his son by a very small margin. The shopkeeper and everyone else who saw this accident were surprised to see that the rider escaped without any major injuries. The incident happened near Aluva railway station. The moment rider fell down, he helmet came off and there was absolutely no protection. The father and son were lucky enough to escape the accident without any major injuries. The bus driver did not stop after the accident.

Father & son miraculously escape after a private bus hits their scooter

People who saw the accident happen, quickly gathered around. A lady who was walking through the road, quickly picked up the child and the others started helping the father. One of them picked the scooter up and some of them went to look for a vehicle to take him to the hospital. It is not clear from the video, whether the father actually suffered any injuries. The child in video is seen without any injuries. According to the report, locals have complained several times about the rash driving by private buses. This has ended in accidents many times. It is not clear whether the bus driver has been identified or not.

Driving a heavy vehicle on the road is a task. Especially if it is on a narrow road. The driver must ensure that they drive carefully and within the city speed limits. Most of these buses have speed governers which limit the top-speed of the vehicle. The report also mentions that locals have asked authorities to post a police officer in the spot but, there has been no response yet. It looks like the scooter rider was in the blind spot of the bus driver. The scooter rider had also not secured the helmet properly. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the helmet rolls away the moment he falls down. It is always recommended to lock your helmet using the strap so that in case of an accident, it stays on your head.