Feature: We visit MG Car Club’s HQ at the Kimber House, UK

During our visit to the UK for the #MGLive2018 event, not only did we drive cars like the MG6 and the MG ZS, but also got a chance to experience the famous Kimber House. For the uninitiated, this is the Head Office of the MGCC or the MG Car Club. Located in Abingdon, about 100km west of London, the Kimber House is situated at a place that was once MG Car Company’s headquarters and their factory. Here is a deeper look into the place through a walk-around video and a dozen pictures.

Open to visitors and not just MG car owners, the Kimber House is entirely managed by the MGCC and we were fortunate enough to have Adam Sloman show us the place. On paper, he is the General Manager at MGCC, but for us, he came across an avid MG fan, a car nut and an ever-smiling helpful soul.

The Kimber house is not just an office for the car club, it’s a small museum of sorts with memories in the form of pictures, collectibles, scale models, merchandise and a lot more. Here is a pictorial journey of the place!

The official entrance of the Kimber House. This is where Cecil Kimber (Club President from 1935-1945) and John Thornley (General Manager and subsequently Managing Director) successfully ran one of the world’s most well-known and well-respected car manufacturing companies.

The occasion also saw the launch of the Indian MGCC chapter. L to R: Rajeev Chaba, President & MD MG India, Amit Maheshwari, owner of a 1965 MG Midget in India, Madan Mohan, who owns 4 MG cars in India and Adam Sloman, General Manager, MGCC.

mgcc kimber house mglive2018

Adam explaining the original factory building which is right next to the Kimber House.

mgcc kimber house mglive2018

Bunny meets Bunny: yep, that’s the MGCC mascot!

There are 75 MG Car Clubs around the world now (India being the 75th): while the official MG logo remains the same, fans and individual non-affiliated clubs love designing their own ones.

Another view of the logos and cufflinks on display.

Yes – that’s a fridge made by Smeg, an Italian manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances. This limited edition run of MG-inspired fridges was done to celebrate its (Smeg’s) new UK headquarters. The fridge had a limited run of only 39 units, a significant number as it represented the number emblazoned on the MG K3, which famously won the prestigious Mille Miglia road race in Italy.

Cars parked inside the Kimber House on that day included the MG8 as well. Drool! All cars seen here are owned by individuals and in perfect running condition.

The VA saloon engine on display. This powered cars from 1936-1939, a 1548cc engine putting out 54 bhp of power and 100 Nm of torque.

Everything here is about MG, including the massive watch.

Adam proudly told us about the scale models on display here – these are not ordinary ones but exclusive special editions. So rare that these are not up for sale.

Coffee mugs, important milestone pictures and larger scale models on display.

Safety Fast is the official magazine of MGCC and all editing work of this print copy is done at the Kimber House.

We were lucky enough to have been given a tour of this special room which has art work from the years gone by. Most of these are contributed and offered by members of the MGCC.

With the Indian chapter now officially launched, more and more MG owners in the country will look forward to the roll out of the first car next year. But till then, owners and aficionados will come together and make MGCC a success in India too. If you own an MG or know someone who does, do pass on this article.