EMT builds a Ferrari replica in India, with Honda Accord as the donor car

Spotting a supercar like Ferrari in India is not a routine. Especially when imported vehicles like supercars, sports cars and all such other vehicles cost more than double in India due to the tax system. Well, there are still many who would want to become the owner of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini but they just cannot do it due to money restrictions. For them, there are replica cars in India and some of them are done so well that it is difficult to find any differentiating factor. Here is one that is superbly done by Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) based in Mumbai. This is a Ferrari 458 Italia replica and many have confused it with the real vehicle.

This replica is based on a Honda Accord but not the new one. This exact model is based on the 2007 Honda Accord but the final product bears no resemblance to the original vehicle. It is a fully customised vehicle that looks completely different from the outside and even the cabin has been upgraded completely and the vehicle has become a two-seater now.

The attention to details is extreme in this replica and if you have not spotted a Ferrari 458 Italia yet, this sure will look like a real one. At the front, it gets the headlamps with projectors that are designed just like the Ferrari 458 Italia gets. Also, the bumper, bonnet lid and even the windshield are designed like the real vehicle. This replica also gets rimless doors just like the original vehicle and also the ORVM design is inspired by the original model of Ferrari. The aftermarket alloy wheels look great and they also get the Ferrari logo. At the rear fender, there are faux air intakes to give the look of the original vehicle.

EMT builds a Ferrari replica in India, with Honda Accord as the donor car

The cabin gets a tan leather theme with black inserts. The whole dashboard has been updated to make it look much more premium and the steering wheel has been wrapped in leather too. Since the model is based on the Honda Accord, the engine is mounted at the front of the vehicle. However, to add a realistic look and feel, EMT has partitioned the cabin and there is a space in the rear just like a regular boot space. However, it is not as big as the original Accord. The engine remains mounted at the front of the vehicle. It should be noted that the Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engined vehicle, which means that the engine is mounted between the front and rear axle. Since the change in the position of the engine is a much bigger task and is extremely complicated, it remains in the original position.

This replica is quite powerful though. This is because it gets powered by the 3.5-litre, V6 naturally-aspirated petrol engine that the older generation Accord sold in India used to come with. This generates a maximum power of 275 Bhp and a peak torque of 335 Nm. The price of such a body kit can be around Rs. 8 lakh and the time taken for the conversion is about 5 months. Honda Accord V6s are available in the used car market for as little as Rs. 2 lakh, like this example here. For more details, you can directly contact Mr Shujaat Hashmi, MOBILE NUMBER 9821880163, EMAIL ID [email protected], Facebook Youtube