5 crore rupee Ferrari 488 Spider hits a cow in Goa: Here’s the result

Supercar crashes are rare and whenever such crashes happen, they are heartbreaking. A Ferrari 488 supercar crashed in Goa recently and the pictures have become viral on the Internet. There are not many details available about the crash at the moment.

The post put by Nikhil Ankale and says that the Ferrari 488 crashed into a cow that suddenly crossed the divider and came in front of the car. The accident happened in Panaji city, which is the capital of Goa. The aftermath of the crash shows the Ferrari badly damaged.

There is no information about the passengers of the car but it looks like everyone came out of the car safely. However, the Ferrari received a lot of damages. The front-end of the vehicle has taken the maximum hit. While there are pictures of the car available on the Internet, the cow is nowhere to be seen.

5 crore rupee Ferrari 488 Spider hits a cow in Goa: Here’s the result

The Ferrari 488 is a mid-engine car, which means that the engine is not located at the front. The location of the engine has saved the engine else it would have been damaged as well. Repairing a Ferrari engine is much costlier than just repairing the bodywork. The cost of the Ferrari 488 Spider is around Rs 4.4 crore, ex-showroom, which means the on-road price is around Rs 5 crore. This price is without any optional extras.

Stray animals are common in India

5 crore rupee Ferrari 488 Spider hits a cow in Goa: Here’s the result

Only a few weeks ago, we mentioned in a story that Goa is full of stray animals and cattle. Just like any other road in the country, there is a large number of stray animals roaming around on the roads that can cause accidents if one is not careful. In most cases, the strays cross the dividers and come out of nowhere, which gives almost no time to the drivers to react and avoid the animal.

This is why one should be very careful while driving in the fast lane in India. The number of stray animals increases while crossing a city or a populated region. So should always slow down and be extra careful on such stretches.

5 crore rupee Ferrari 488 Spider hits a cow in Goa: Here’s the result

There are a few things that one can do to keep safe on the roads and avoid stray animals. Stray animals can appear out of nowhere causing panic. To safely avoid such situations, one should always be ready.

  • Always check your mirrors every 5-seconds to see the position of the other motorists on the road. If an animal appears suddenly in front of you, you will know if you should brake or change to lane without affecting the motorists behind you.
  • If you are too fast to apply the brakes, always honk. Dogs have a better sense of hearing than seeing, honking will get them out of the way faster than using the high beam flashes.
  • Always use hazard lights if you have to brake suddenly to caution the vehicles behind you.
  • Do not ever change lanes if you think that you’re too quick. Changing lanes suddenly may put your vehicle out of control.
  • If you have an animal, check for the damage in the radiator before starting again. Bigger animals like cows can cause severe damage to vehicles.
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