Ferrari California supercar SEIZED after driver stunts in front of police [Video]

The number of supercars and sports cars in India has seen a rise in the past few years. There is now at least one supercar or sports car in every town of the country. In India, these are become popular mostly due to the songs and movies in India and many buyers do not understand the dangers of driving such powerful machines on the roads without proper precautions. In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a video of a Ferarri trying to do donuts became viral on the Internet. He was later arrested and the vehicle was seized.

The incident happened in the Ganga Barrage area of Kanpur. Sharad Khemka, owner of a Gutkha company was driving the Ferrari California GT on the weekend. On a busy public road, he started to slide the car in circles. You can also see in the video that security guards wearing black clothes stopped the traffic so that the area can be used for stunts. Pedestrians started making a video and interestingly, you can notice a marked vehicle of Police and cops standing outside it. The owner of the Ferrari broke the traffic laws in front of the cops but he was not stopped at that time.

The police swung into action after the video of the incident became viral on the Internet. The cops said that they took action after receiving a complaint on 112 emergency number. They checked the CCTV footage to tract the registration details of the vehicle and then arrested the owner from his home. The Ferrari California GT was also seized from the owner.

Ferrari California supercar SEIZED after driver stunts in front of police [Video]

The cops have booked the violator on several accounts. Sharad Khemkar, who was driving the car at the time has been charged with endangering the lives of others, blocking the roads and many other violations under the Epidemic Act.

There have been a few instances when supercars have been seized by the cops during the lockdown. Recently, a Lamborghini Huracan was seized in Chandigarh after the driver was found guilty of overspeeding and driving without documents. A Lamborghini Gallardo was seized in Bangalore for not having valid documents of the vehicle. The cops are also keeping a close eye on the social media platforms to find violators and book them. A Yamaha YZF-R1 was seized in Bangalore after the owner posted a video of doing 300 km/h on a flyover inside the city limits. A modified Isuzu V-Cross was also seized after someone complained about the vehicle by sending a picture of modifications to the MVD on social media.