Ferrari's most powerful production car - 812 Superfast - launched in India

Ferrari’s most powerful production car – 812 Superfast – launched in India

Legendary Italian sportscar maker Ferrari has just launched its most powerful production car ever – the 812 Superfast – in India. The car is priced at Rs.5.12 crores, ex-showroom India. The car will be imported as a completely built unit (CBU), straight from Ferrari’s only factory at Maranello, Italy. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is powered by a 6.5 litre, naturally aspirated V12 petrol engine, which is now a rarity in the car world. This newly developed engine puts out an awe-inspiring 789 Bhp of peak power at 8,500 rpm and 718 Nm of peak torque at 5,500 rpm. The gearbox is an automated manual 7 speed, dual clutch unit from Getrag.

The front mid-mounted engine powers the rear wheels of the car, staying true to the Ferrari V12 tradition. The 812 Superfast is one of the fastest road-going Ferraris with a top speed of 340 Kph. The 0-100 Kph acceleration sprint comes up in just 2.9 seconds. Interestingly, the 812 Superfast is the first Ferrari to use an electric power steering.

Ferraris traditionally have used a hydraulic power steering to ensure maximum feedback for the driver. With the iconic brand now moving to an electric power steering, it’s now likely that Ferrari’s engineers have finally managed to engineer the same level of feedback that a hydraulic power steering offers, into an electric power steering.

Another key bit on the 812 Superfast is the rear-wheel-steering system borrowed from the limited edition F12 tdf. The front and rear wheel steering systems are meant to come together, offering drivers excellent turn-in and agile responses, both on the road and race track.

The design of the 812 Superfast is inspired by the Berlinetta. The new car gets LED headlamps, quad tail lamps, and a body coloured rear diffuser with active flaps that open at higher speeds to increase downforce. Fully fueled, the Ferrari 812 Superfast weighs 1,630 kilograms. It’s a twin seat car, meant for driving purists.