Fewer Volkswagens to be on sale: About 40 models to be discontinued

With about 340 models on sale, spread over five different brands, Volkswagen currently has a very wide portfolio — considering it has seven others. But according to a report by Handelsbatt, that’s soon going to change, as the company is reported to plan a cut of around 40 models and bring the number to below 300. The exclusion of products is likely to be from the main five brands: VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, and Seat.

It’s up to everyone’s guess which of the models will be shown the door, but the company’s CEO Matthias Müller mentioned about the eventual cut, although he didn’t state any numbers. The reason behind the planned shrinkage of the portfolio is that it becomes difficult for the carmaker to manage production, considering a bunch of the models produced are slow-sellers.

The German carmaker, currently troubled with its ‘Diesel gate’ cheating scandal, is working on a new ‘Together – Strategy 2025’ with focus on electric and autonomous vehicles.