Fiat Aegea gets a new name; Production commences

The Italian sedan will henceforth be called the Egea, and serial production has begun at Fiat’s Turkey factory. The Egea will go on sale in Europe from November. An interesting aspect about this new car is that a hatchback would also be spun out of the same platform. Globally, the Egea is the replacement to the Linea, and the upcoming hatchback is likely to replace the Punto. This makes both cars interesting prospects for the Indian car market. The aging Linea is in need of a generational shift, and the Punto will have to follow soon too.

2016 Fiat Aegea Sedan 5

Meanwhile, here’s a new video of the Egea,

The car features C-Segment sedan proportions, with a 4.5 meter length, 1.78 meter width, 1.48 meter height and a wheelbase of 2.64 meters. Dimensions and looks are identical to the pre-production version. Petrol and diesel engines are offered, with 6 speed manual and automatic transmissions. The interiors receive a makeover, and infotainment and connectivity features have been added to keep with the times. The Egea is a front wheel driven, monocoque sedan that will be sold in a large number of emerging markets.

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Meanwhile, Fiat India’s short term plan involves adding a dollop of performance to its existing 3 car range. In days from now, a very powerful version of the Punto, dubbed the Punto Abarth, will be launched here. This car will have a 1.4 liter T-Jet turbo petrol engine with 143 Bhp-210 Nm, and a sub-10 lakh rupee price tag is likely. The Avventura Abarth will follow a few months later. Motown buzz suggests that the Linea could also get the Abarth treatment, in a bid to make it the performance sedan of its class.

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With a new Managing Director Kevin Flynn in the driver’s seat, the brand has embarked on a new marketing strategy. The automaker is now aggressively promoting attributes that Fiat cars are renowned for. For instance, the heavy guage metal used in the construction of these cars is being highlighted, and so is the low cost of spares. Finally, the Italian automaker seems to be understanding why its buyers prefer Fiats. From a generalist, Fiat is moving towards being a specialist, and this is a good thing.

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