Fiat Avventura CUV – New Video Released

Fiat Avventura CUV – New Video Released

We’re weeks away from the launch of the third new Fiat car for India this year, in the form of the Avventura contemporary urban vehicle (CUV). Based on the Punto EVO, the Avventura is a beefier version of its hatchback sibling. Armed with a 205 mm ground clearance and riding on 16 inch wheels, the Avventura is meant to serve as a vehicle that can tackle varied road conditions in India, which can range from the good, to the bad, and the very ugly. 

Here’s a new video that gives a glimpse of the Avventura is action,

Styled like a crossover, the Avventura sits somewhere between a crossover and a hatchback. Roof rails, flank claddings, revised front and rear bumpers, and a spare wheel mounted on the hatch lid are the various differentiating factors of the Avventura, with respect to the Punto EVO. On the inside, the Avventura gains a bunch of clino-meters on the dashboard, serving to highlight the crossover potential of the hatchback.

Fiat India will offer the Avventura with petrol and turbo diesel engine options. The 1.4 liter FIRE petrol motor that makes 89 Bhp-115 Nm and the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet motor that makes 91 Bhp-209 Nm will be the two engines on offer. Both engines will use five speed manual transmissions. Crossover pitch notwithstanding, the Avventura will be a front wheel driven vehicle and Fiat India has no plans of equipping this car with an all wheel drive layout.

Considering the fact that the Avventura is a restyled Punto EVO on stilts, pricing of the crossover styled hatchback is likely to be slightly above that of the Punto. We expect Fiat India to undercut the Ford EcoSport’s pricing with the Avventura’s price positioning. Butch looks, good ride quality, high ground clearance, sure footed handling and compact dimensions, at a sharp price tag, are likely to be the selling points of the Avvemtura, which will make its Indian debut in early October.