Fiat drops the price of Punto and Linea

While most of the manufacturers are busy increasing the prices of their vehicles in India citing the rising input costs, Fiat Chrysler India has played a reverse role. The company announced that they would reduce the prices of all the variants of the Fiat Linea, Fiat Punto Evo and Avventura. The Linea range saw the price drop of up to 7.3% while the Punto Evo range is now cheaper by up to 7%. The price cut is in effect immediately. The new prices mean that the top-end Linea is priced below Rs. 10 lakh, a cause to worry for the manufacturers.

Fiat drops the price of Punto and Linea

Fiat says that the price has dropped after the company decided to absorb the rising operational costs and passing on the benefits to the customers. The price cut means that the Fiat Linea is now cheaper by up to Rs. 77,121 depending on the variant while the Punto Evo hatchback is now Rs. 47,365 more affordable, again depending on the variant. The Linea will now start from Rs. 7.25 lakh, while the top variant will cost Rs. 9.99 lakh, while the Punto Evo will now cost Rs. 5.45 lakh while the top variant goes up to Rs. 7.55 lakh. Interestingly, the hot hatch, Abarth Punto is not included in the price reduction, but the Abarth Avventura gets a discount under the new pricing.

Speaking about the price revision, Kevin Flynn, MD of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) India, said, “2017 is a significant year for FCA as we enter a new phase of growth with both our brands – Fiat and Jeep. We want to make this the year of our transformation in our approach towards engaging with existing customers and winning new ones. This thought led us to start the new year by enhancing the value proposition on our feature-rich Linea and Punto Evo, as the first step.”

Fiat is also working to strengthen their sales and service network across India. In the future, there will be more exclusive Jeep stores and Fiat-Abarth-Jeep dealerships that will come up in many parts of the country by mid-2017.

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