This Fully Restored Fiat Elegant 1100 Looks Beautiful [Video]

There was a time when Fiat cars where a very common sight on our roads. Models like Premier Padmini, Fiat Elegant, Hindustan Ambassador were the cars that ruled our streets. Here we have a Fiat Elegant 1100 sedan that has been completely restored and looks beautiful. The Fiat Elegant 1100 was a beautiful looking car of its time and was initially launched in 1956 and the model that we have featured in the article is a 1957 model. Here we have a video that shows all the restoration work done to the vehicle and also explains the cost involved in the whole process.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his youtube channel. The vehicle featured in the video is located in Kerala and looks in mint condition from the outside. According to the owner of this Fiat Elegant 1100, the vehicle was in a very bad condition when he bought it around 8 years back. From there he had started the restoration work and put in a lot of effort to make the vehicle look like what is in hte video.

The car is owned by Dr. Unnikrishnan who is known for having many vintage cars in his garage. One thing that he had kept in mind while restoring this vehicle is restore it with original components. Parts like the chrome ring around the headlight is made out of brass and is an original part. Most of the parts used in this car are all original. The video then shows the thin side beading made from aluminium that is running across the side profile of the car. The wheel cap used in the vehicle are all original and come with Fiat branding on them.

This Fully Restored Fiat Elegant 1100 Looks Beautiful [Video]

The car gets a shade of brown on the outside. The paint job on this car looks next level and the owner has taken special efforts to make sure that the body does not attract rust in the near future. Interiors of the car have also been completely restored. The basic design of the seats, door pads and all other elements remain original including the steering wheel and the strip type speedometer. It used to come with the cruise control feature and even that has been restored.

According to the video the owner had spent over Rs 5 lakh to fully restore this vehicle. The end result is however a beautifully restored Fiat Elegant 1100. Some of you might think why spent so much money on such an old car. Well, it is not about the money, it is more of the emotional connect that one has with the vehicle no matter how old it becomes. In this case Dr. Unnikrishnan’s passion or love is his collection of old vintage cars.