Fiat India revs up year end discounts with up to 2 lakhs off on the Linea sedan

Fiat India’s November 2014 sales has tanked by quite a bit. Fiat managed to dispatch a little over 700 units of the Linea and Punto EVO combined into dealership stockyards.  December is traditionally a weak month for automakers in the country. In such circumstances, pushing sales during the year end requires some serious discounts, which is what Fiat India is now offering in spades. Select variants of the pre-facelift Linea sedan are available at discounts as high as 2 lakh rupees while the facelifted Linea also is selling at a considerable 1.5 lakh rupee discount. The recently launched Punto EVO is available at a 65,000 rupee discount.

Fiat Linea and Punto EVO Year End Discounts


The Punto EVO and the Linea are solidly built cars whose bulks are reassuring. Both cars have excellent ride quality and take on the notorious Indian roads with aplomb. Both cars are also sure footed handlers, another reason for car enthusiasts to prefer them. In terms of performance, the Linea T-Jet, a car equipped with a 1.4 liter turbo petrol motor, is the perkier of the two cars. The diesel variant of the Punto EVO gets a higher powered version with the 1.3 liter Multijet turbo diesel engine in 91 Bhp-209 Nm state of tune. All cars from Fiat sold in India use five speed manual transmissions.

Fiat’s big bet for pushing sales in the coming months will be the Avventura crossover. Though Fiat had already launched the Avventura in India with bookings now open, the customer deliveries of the crossover are yet to begin. This delay in deliveries is costing Fiat monthly numbers. Perhaps the automaker is waiting for the new year to begin delivering the Avventura as customers will then get a car with a 2015 manufacturing date. The Avventura, like the Punto EVO hatchback and the Linea sedan is available with petrol and turbo diesel engine options. In January 2015, Fiat will introduce the Abarth high performance brand in India with the 500 Abarth Competizione hatchback.

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