Fiat India’s Avventura to gun for the Ford EcoSport crossover

A crossover styled hatchback is what the Fiat Avventura actually is, much like the Toyota Etios Cross and the Volkswagen Polo Cross. However, Fiat India is keen to position the Avventura as a compact utility vehicle (CUV), which is also called a crossover. This announcement was made at the sidelines of the Punto EVO launch.

Fiat India’s Avventura to gun for the Ford EcoSport crossover

Fiat will justify this positioning for the Avventura by giving the car a 200 mm+ ground clearance, butch looks with plenty of body cladding to boot, roof rails and a hatchlid mounted spare wheel rounding off the crossover package. Fiat India will launch the Avventura in early October, in order to capitalize on the festive season demand.

The sharp introductory pricing for the Punto EVO, the car on which the Avventura is based, is expected to allow Fiat India to come up with a sub-EcoSport pricing for the Avventura. The Fiat CUV seems all set to become the first serious and direct competitor, price wise, to the Ford EcoSport.

Fiat India’s Avventura to gun for the Ford EcoSport crossover

However, it remains to be seen if car buyers in India will accept the crossover positioning for the Avventura. If they do so and the Avventura gains traction, Fiat India could have a big hit at hand, considering that the development costs of the Avventura has been minimal at best, for the car is merely a Punto EVO with styling tweaks.

Crossover styled hatchbacks have traditionally failed in the Indian car market. Both the Etios Cross and the Polo Cross are rarities on Indian roads. With that, Fiat India’s strategy to position the Avventura as a crossover, instead of hatchback with crossover styling, seems like a ploy aimed at breaking away from the trend.

One thing is certain though. Even if the Fiat Punto EVO and the Avventura achieve moderate success at the hustings, Fiat India will be looking at a big increase in overall sales. With the newly established independent dealer set up in place, Fiat seems well on the way to turning around its fortunes in India.