Fiat Linea 1.9 litre version to be launched at Auto Expo 2010

It has just been announced that a 1.9 liter version of the popular Fiat Linea will be launched at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi.

Currently, the Fiat Linea is on offer in India with the 1300 cc diesel engine and a 1400 cc petrol engine.  While the company has been extremely successful seling the car in India – as 10,000 units since its launch in January 2009 – many have not been satisfied with the engine of the car either in the petrol for the diesel versions.

The 1900 cc diesel engine which will make its appearance in January 2010 will finally give the Linea an engine it so deserves.  Fiat has a range of powerful diesel engines that produce up to 150 BHP that can take the battle to cars such as the new Honda City. We are sure that details of this engine would be leaked in the next few months before the Auto Expo.

The success of the Fiat Linea saw the company reemerging in India after more than a decade in which it saw its fortunes down in the dumps.  The company’s initial cars in India-the Fiat Palio and the Fiat Uno-despite being great cars, never really caught on in India.  The Linea changed all that, and the next car from the company- the Grande Punto – further cemented the position of the company in the market.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Fiat will also launched a refreshed version of its Palio hatchback in India in the next few months. Exactly what changes would be introduced is unclear at this point, though.