Fiat Linea launched; price and specs

Finally Fiat Linea is here in India. We had written about the potential launch of the Fiat Linea and Grande Punto for the first time in 2006. Since then, we have heard a lot about the car. Suffice it to say the Linea is one of the most anticipated cars in recent times – but that does not mean there is a guarantee that the car would turn around Fiat India.

Fiat Linea launched; price and specs
Fiat Linea photo: Well put-together!

The ideal time for the launch of the Fiat Linea would have been before the launch the All New Honda City. Honda SIEL changed the rules of the game with this car – it is larger, more powerful and better designed than all other cars in its class – and it should ideally be given its own micro-segment. Prior to its lauch, the Linea would have easily come across as the best car in its segment. Now it has a fight on its hands.

Fiat Linea launched; price and specs
Photo:Fiat Linea scores in the elegance department

For one, the Fiat Linea is quite a looker. It may not be as futuristic as the Honda City, but it is undoubtedly the most elegant car in its class.?

Plus, the Linea is launched in both petrol and diesel versions – the diesel, a tried and tested unit in India in Indica and Swift diesel. The pricing of the car is just right – well below the Honda City to make you think several times even if you were in love with that car.

Fiat LInea diesel

The Fiat Linea diesel is powered by a ?1.3 litre (1248cc) Multijet diesel engine that it has been re-calibrated for the Linea and now produces 86 PS at 4000 rpm, and 203 Nm torque at 2500 rpm.?

Fiat Linea petrol

The Fiat Linea petrol is powered by a 1.4 liter engine that churns out 90 bhp at 6000 rpm, and 115 Nm at 4500 rpm.

The Linea is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox in all versions, and while the gear throw is not as short as the City, it is adequate.?

The Linea’s Bue&Me system

Interiors of the Linea are top-of-the line for its class, and the Microsoft Boue&Me system will allow you to connect your mobile phone to the car through Bluetooth and use steering-mounted controls to make or take calls, receive SMSes and even play music from the phone. If you want stuff that is available in no other car in its class – forget that, stuff that is not available even in a Honda Civic – the Fiat Linea is for you. This is one area where Fiat Linea steals a march over everyone else.

The Fiat Linea will initially be available in four colors -flamenco red, minimal grey, parla champagne and hip hop black. More colours would be introduced by Fiat later.

The Fiat Linea petrol will be available in Delhi between Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs depending on the trim level you opt for. The diesel Fiat Linea is priced between Rs 6.88 lakhs and Rs 8.1 lakhs. Which means that on-road price would be well below Rs 9 lakhs even for the most expensive, feature-packed diesel version of the Linea.?

Fiat India, due to factors we all know only too well, suffers from a pretty bad brand image – none of which is due to the quality of the cars they offered, and all due to the after sales service, labour strikes and sometimes, plain wrong timing.?

Here’s hoping that the Linea changes Fiat’s fortunes in India – and the company would introduce its much-loved Grande Punto and Bravo in India riding on the Linea’s momentum!