Fiat Punto 90 bhp variant coming soon

Much More Meaner Punto Coming Soon
Powered by Linea’s 90Bhp Multijet Diesel

A more powerful Punto seems to be coming our way soon. This Punto was also showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo at Delhi. The Punto gets a new heart and an another variant which would be called as the 90HP would be launched by Fiat India on the 16th of July. The Grande Punto that was launched a year ago is one of the better looking cars available today in that segment. Available with a 1.4 Petrol and 1.3 MultiJet CRDI engine options  and just recently also with an 1.2 Petrol engine the latest Punto that would be launched would be powered by the very same 1.3 MultiJet unit that does its duty on the Fiat Linea. Well the Punto was admired by many and a few also criticized the 1.3 Diesel to be a bit slow off the tracks, for all those critics the new Punto 90HP is the one for you.

The 1.3 MultiJet engine from the Linea that would now also power the Punto 90HP is an able performer and now having to power a lighter car as compared to the Linea should also make things faster. The 1248cc MultiJet CRDI engine does 93PS @ 4000 rpm and has an very respectable 209 93Nm of torque @ 2000rpm. Now the engine technicalities remain the same as the regular 1.3 MJI engine that did 76PS @ 4000rpm and had 197Nm of torque @ 1750rpm, extra 14PS of power is generated thanks to the variable twin turbo that the Lineas MJI engine has as opposed to the single turbo . This extra power and torque value should work wonders for the Punto 90HP making it much more faster, agile and we feel the efficiency figures would also be bettered due to the twin turbos putting it spot on in the Hyundai i20 region. The CRDI i20 makes for your records is powered by an 1396cc CRDI engine that makes 90PS @ 4000rpm identical to the new Punto 90HP.

Getting this new much powerful engine would help Fiat reach the customer who wants a Diesel hatch that would be powerful as well. With good build quality and  typical European design and trims the Punto HP is an strong contender in the large hatch segment. The Punto 90HP together with the Hyundai i20 CRDI would then become the most powerful cars of their segment. Not to forget the other big players of this much crowded large hatch segment like the VW Polo (1.2Diesel), Ford Figo (1.4 Diesel), Maruti Swift and Ritz (1.3 Diesel), Hyundai i20 (1.4Diesel), and the Tata Indica Vista (1.3Diesel).

We would be road testing the Fiat Punto 90 bhp soon, so watch this space for the full road test.